January 16, 2012

Edition 2: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

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Email a friend. Call a client. Meet an investor. Start connecting!

1. Never Multi-task During a Meeting.

Whether you are connecting with a friend, client, or a stranger, do not multi-task during your meeting. If you're checking your phone, or sending an email, your contact can tell! Rather than focus on what's going on in the world, give your full attention to the person you are meeting with. It will let the person know you are interested in them, and are focused on building a valuable relationship.

(Source: Sales Training Advice)

2. Pick up the Phone.

Although an email is so quick and easy, it can't replace a genuine conversation. Through a phone call, you can explain yourself much better, as well as connect with the person on a personal level. All sorts of emotions can be portrayed through a simple phone call, which can lead to building a personal relationship.

(Source: Ezine Articles)

3. Send Something Interesting.

Rather than stopping the conversation at an email or phone call, why not send your contact something interesting you both spoke about? Whether it's a newspaper clipping, a magazine, or a link to an online resource, it will strengthen your relationship, and result in a potentially long-term relationship.

(Source: Biznik)

We hope these tips help you start out your week right!