April 16, 2012

Edition 15: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

We are focusing this week on networking and building relationships with old, and new contacts! If you haven't yet checked out our free 5-day course on Networking, a chance to improve your ability to stay in touch and top of mind, be sure to start this week for major improvements in your networking skills!

1. Face-to-face Networking.

Meeting in person is very vital to successful networking. It's only when you're sitting opposite someone that they open up fully, and participate in a sincere conversation. In a business setting, meeting face-to-face allows the opportunity to talk about business challenges, changing needs and environments, placing you in a position to offer your advice and opinion.

(Source: Iol)

2. Are you LinkedIn?

As ridiculous as it seems, there are still many people out there who haven't "LinkedIn" yet with their network! LinkedIn provides a great platform to connect with friends, colleagues, and new people you can meet through these connections. Networking is vital and important for anyone, and LinkedIn is a great social network to help "link" you to an expanded network.

(Source: Carthage Press)

3. Network5Day.

Since we have been highlighting Networking recently, we invite you to our short, 5 day course to help you improve your networking skills and build better relationships with the people that matter in your life. We know networking can be difficult and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be! We'll send you one email a day for the next 5 days with small, easy steps you can take to start engaging your important contacts. We believe you can make it happen! Sign up here and get started in less than 10 seconds!

We hope your networking skills have already started improving!