April 09, 2012

Edition 14: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

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Getting bored trying to connect with your contacts? Here are some creative, and fun ways to enjoy each other's company!

1. Video message.

Remember when Facebook highlighted the fact that they have video chat capabilities on their social network? I don't know about you but for me, the buzz about it lasted about a day. Although video chat has emerged and evolved, don't forget that Facebook, and many other networking sites still have the capability to send a video message privately. Rather than upload a video to Youtube, you can directly send a "videomail" to a friend, family, or a colleague in a friendly and personal manner.

2. Sports event.

A great way to connect with old friends, and colleagues is over a sports game! Whether you all go to a baseball game, or gather around to watch the Super Bowl, it's a great way to keep in sync with your contacts, and have something to talk about too! Sports are great topics to discuss especially when trying to find something in common, and discuss something that everyone is familiar with.

3. Coffee with Contacts.

Last week, we mentioned to grab a drink with a friend or colleague to get to know each other in a casual, yet professional manner. Don't drink? Grab coffee instead. Many colleagues connect with each other, and catch up during the day, over a cup of coffee. It's a great activity during the day to take a break from work, and bond with colleagues in an outside of work setting.

We hope this will be the start of a great week! :)