April 02, 2012

Edition 13: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

We're back with more fun and exciting ways to stay connected with friends, family, and your colleagues!

1. Let's hangout.

A great way to connect with your contacts is to simply "hangout." Whether it is a personal, or work relationship, you should go watch a movie, or play a sport together. Indulge in an activity that's fun, engaging, and interactive. It'll give you something more to talk about for next time!

2. Grab a drink together.

It's very common for companies to host happy hours, or have a company party where, well, let's just say things get out of hand. ;) Sometimes work relationships start with a more casual setting where colleagues will go get a drink after work. It's a great way to even meet outside of work, and stay connected with your contacts in a personal, yet casual way.

3. Plan a trip.

Company retreats can be fun, but why not plan a trip outside of work? There are so many trips that groups can go on together, and have a great time. It would provide a great place for bonding with your friends, and family, and enjoy each other's company. Weekend trips can create a lifetime of memories, and a foundation for lasting relationships.

We hope these tips have been helping you stay in touch with your contacts! Please feel free to suggest your own tips that have helped you stay connected. :)