March 19, 2012

Edition 11: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Let's get back to building relationships and expanding your network!

1. Provide contact information.

When meeting with a client, or friend, it's important to provide the correct contact information to be reached at. For an ongoing relationship, whether personal or business, make sure your contact has the most updated information to be able to connect with you. You never know who your contact may pass your information along to, so make sure it's the right info! Emails change, addresses change, work changes, but relationships can last forever. :)

2. Active communication.

A relationship takes time in building trust, credibility, and communication. It is important to be actively communicating with your contacts to ensure a relationship is in fact being built. Time and active communication are two factors to control when building important long-term relationships. Communicating actively allow you to build the relationship in a progressive manner, and secure a long-term connection.

3. Build Relationships for Success.

If you want to get somewhere in your career, in business, or in life, the worst thing you can do is just focus on work. Success is all about relationships. It's not just about working relationships, but personal relationships as well with management, your boss, peers, or even clients. Your network is your biggest asset; make it worthwhile to connect with your contacts to be successful.

(Source: CBS News)

Have a great week!