January 09, 2012

Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

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Start your week right by keeping in touch!

1. Ask the Right Questions

In order to develop a connection, you have to be sure to ask meaningful and relevant questions to better understand a person. By asking questions about a person's interests, you are gaining insight into their personality, and forming a foundation for further connection.

(Source: Forbes)

2. Regular, Relevant, and Timely Communication

To develop your relationships with contacts, it's important for communication to be regular, without being annoyed and unnecessary. Nobody likes to be spammed with something they won't even be interested in, and may re-evaluate your connection. By creating personalized and relevant messages via their preferred medium, you're able to create a deeper connection, and build long-term relationships.

(Source: Business Blogs)

3. Follow-up Fast

Your first outreach should be within 12-24 hours of meeting someone for the first time. A quick email with an "it was a pleasure to meet you" and a mention of something from your conversation will help reinforce your meeting with the other person. New people need to hear or see your name in at lease three different modes of communication before they recognize it.

(Source: Sales Crunch)

Cheers to building valuable relationships!