November 16, 2012

Weekly internet roundup 11-12-2012

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Another week, another internet roundup. We read a ton of stuff this week, and we found some great piece for you to read before heading out for the weekend. One is on stale business writing, one is on the effects of Facebook algorithms, and the last one is on the psychology of email. Interesting, isn't it? Read on.

    • Why is business writing so awful? - This isn't a recent blog post, but it's an interesting one. Why is business writing so awful? Jason Fried argues that "years of language dilution by lawyers, marketers, executives, and HR departments have turned the powerful, descriptive sentence into an empty vessel optimized for buzzwords, jargon, and vapid expressions." Do you agree?

    • BBC: Email: A psychological self-defence course - Earlier this week we linked to a CBS News story that talked about email and its psychological effects. And if you think about it, those exist whether we were aware of it or not. Heck, it's something that I exhibit myself. And this article points out that the three psychological characteristics are reciprocity, irregular rewards, and hyperbolic discounting. Does this fit for you?