October 30, 2012

Weathering the Storm: Staying Productive through Hurricane Sandy with Contactually


It's after noon on the East Coast, and it seems that the worst of Hurricane Sandy has passed. For once, Sandy packed a punch that was as bad or even worse than our friends at the Weather Channel could have predicted. Over 8 million people lack electrical power, shorelines are completely devastated, and damage to land, properties and even people has left the East Coast in a state of shock.

While things may be looking up from this point on out, it's still important to remember that the storm is far from over -- just look at the map below. We'd like to remind you to stay inside where it's safe for the remainder of the day, especially if you don't absolutely HAVE to venture out.

[caption id="attachment_1832" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Washington DC Hurricane Sandy Map as of 12pm on Tuesday[/caption]

Most of us at Contactually are powered up and connected to the World Wide Web this morning. We're viewing this opportunity as a sign from above that our Tuesday should be full of work, especially considering those who can't. We thought these suggestions would help you put the storm in the past so you can progress towards your goals and increase your productivity.

So what is the Contactually team doing today?

* Zvi: The Hurricane drastically affected my return travel plans from the West Coast, and an earthquake in Los Angeles threw me for a loop when traveling throughout California. Between rescheduling countless flights and running from place to place for various important meetings, it's not entirely surprising that I fell behind on my follow ups. I'm using this morning to reconnect with my important contacts by looking at the intelligent follow up recommendations on my Dashboard. If you're having trouble getting your computer online but your smartphone is still working, you can use our daily reminder email to follow up with your contacts from your phone.

* Brian: As a New Jersey native, a number of my friends and family in the tri-state area were severely affected by Sandy's wrath. My parents and the rest of my town's residents will likely be without power until early next week, which makes this the most intense storm that I've experienced in my lifetime. That being said, most mobile phones support email, so I'm using Contactually's email templates to send personalized follow ups to my loved ones to let them know that I'm thinking about them and to make sure that everybody is safe.

* Sean: This is a good time to take a look at your own email insights and statistics so you can better understand the status of your relationships, analyze your own trends, and figure out what you need to do to improve them. I feel like people have much less time to do this during the week, and especially on the weekend. Take a look at your end-of-week statistics email, which we deliver right to your inbox on Friday afternoons so long as you have the setting enabled.

* Ouzy: With school closed through tomorrow and a lot of my extracurricular commitments on hold, I've devoted my time to the Bucket Game so I can efficiently and effectively categorize my contacts. Fall is arguably my biggest season when it comes to networking and meeting new people, and it's important to organize these relationships so I can make sense of them in the future if I want to maximize my potential for personal and professional opportunities.

* Tony: It seems as if I'm one of the very lucky ones, and have been at home, safe, warm, and connected to the Internet throughout this intense storm, so my workflow hasn't been disrupted much. I took some time to organize my personal contacts and put my closest friends into categories, or buckets, that will make it easy for me to send them holiday greetings come December. It's never too early to think ahead!

If you're stuck at home but are lucky enough to have power, what things are you doing to keep your productivity in check? Have you already done any of these things suggested by our team? Let us know in the comments - we'd love to hear from you on this dreary day!