October 14, 2013

Using Vine in Email Marketing

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One of the most exciting areas for email marketers in recent years has been the growth of mobile campaigns. With more than half of the adult American population owning smartphones in 2013, marketers are increasingly using mobile to reach customers in more innovative ways. An overwhelming majority already incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing mix, according to The Association of National Advertisers. And among the new ways mobile apps are coming into play? Vine.

Vine is a Twitter-owned, short-form video tool that's capturing the interests of brands, Twitter users, and T-Mobile phone users. Users can download Vine from an app store and shoot six-second videos. The service lets users tag their video creations with certain hashtags, tied to categories like Health & Fitness, Beauty and Fashion, News & Politics and others.

Mashable has a collection of how certain marketers are using Vine videos to capture consumer attention. Here's an example from clothing retailer French Connection:

What's interesting to email marketers is the way that Vines are easy to communicate a brand or campaign's main focus. Six seconds of video can convey parts of your brand's email marketing campaign in an impactful way. Here are some ways that Vine video can be an innovative addition to your marketing mix for email marketing.

Mobile Access

Vine clips load quickly on most current mobile phones. This is a good asset for more users to take to the service. No one wants to wait for a clip to show on their phone. Marketers using Vine won't disrupt a user's daily mobile use with a long wait time for the clip.

Easy Interaction

Users interact easier with Vine clips. Drive a link into your email marketing for Vine clips on the Web. Sponsor a contest in your email campaign for users to create Vines for your brand. The six seconds isn't a great investment on their part, so users are more likely to connect to your brand.

Hashtags for Search

Hashtags let brands locate users by interest and select categories to showcase their clips.

Embed on Web

Vine videos offer a code to embed them into company marketing blogs, Twitter posts and elsewhere. While the Vines won't embed directly into emails, they are shareable across other avenues.

Great for consumer brands

If your brand is using email marketing, Internet ads and YouTube videos to reach young users, consider using Vine clips. They have great usability, illuminate new products and campaigns, and offer a humorous side to your company with users. It's a great way to build relationships!

Make Your Vines Memorable

Here are some tips for making your Vine creations memorable.

    • Make them worth sharing: Show off new products, new logos and new visuals that your company can bring to users. When planning to create Vines, ask your team what they would want to see.

    • Strive for a response: Give your short clips a certain emotion to resonate with viewers of your brand. Tie in a response with your email marketing campaign.

    • Authenticity works: Try not to fake out users. Stay above aboard, whether it's a behind the scenes look at your brand, or a product unveiling. Make it authentic.

    • Utilize hashtags: Tracking tips, brands and news events as they relate to brands is part of the Vine experience. So make sure to make diligent use of the hashtags to gauge response and trackability.

Have you used Vine in email marketing? Let us know how that worked out!