September 08, 2016

UPDATES: Contactually's New Features Recap


If you've been living under a rock

Your time is of the essence -- we get it. Whether you're in a crunch, busy with work, family, the holidays you might have missed some of our new features.

We're excited to announce we've got a bunch of new updates to help streamline the way you work, and make your overall Contactually experience that much better.

New features recap ahead...

Streamlining your process

Bulk interactions

Remember the open house you held on 123 Sesame Street where 6 of your prospects just so happened to stop by? You had a great conversation with them outlining their next steps in the process, but when you went to update that you spoke with them, you found yourself diving DEEP into their individual Contactually profiles to update your interactions one-by-one-by-one. The messy process you've worked around and grown accustomed to is over! The addition of bulk interactions allow you to select multiple contacts and update an interaction at scale. Quickly jot down the details of your interaction to streamline the process and then add it to several of your contacts with a few simple clicks.

This is also an easy way to update single interactions! Save yourself a step and try it directly from your Contacts tab.

Linking Contacts

It's not news that working with thousands of contacts in your database is complex. When you have many parties associated with a transaction, ensure that you're connecting everyone. Link your contacts together to remain organized and aware of the key decision makers.

Whether you're working with a couple to purchase their first home, college friends to find their ideal rental, or anything in between, make it easier to keep track of the relationship between contacts in your database.

Custom field search

Contactually's powerful search has gotten even better. The faster, universal search that keeps you reaching even the farthest corners of your database now covers custom fields! You've designed your custom fields to store information to match the way you work -- pet's names, family size, favorite sports teams are all now easily discoverable with a few quick keywords.

*Not sure how to create a custom field? Read the support doc.

Key Improvements:

Zillow/Trulia Lead Capture

We initially launched our new found partnership with Zillow a while back, giving our customers an easier way to capture leads and organically message them there after.

Although a powerful improvement, we've done an even better job refining it's capabilities. Our integration with Zillow is now faster and more reliable, ensuring that you have an opportunity to follow up with your captured leads, instantaneously.

Look out for more to come

We're continuously improving Contactually and integrating with the best in the business to bring our customers more to talk about.

Keep an eye out for more powerful features like a Slack or Facebook Messenger integration, to make your experience unforgettable.

P.S. Does your team use Slack or Facebook Messenger? We'd love to hear from you and get feedback on what's coming down the pipeline. To help mold new features or test new concepts around Slack or Facebook Messanger shoot me an email to set up time to chat --