August 05, 2016

Top 10 Real Estate Influencers to Follow on Instagram Now


For those real estate agents looking to expand their following on Instagram, your best first step may be to go check out the pros and see what they post and how they run their account. There are 300 million daily active Instagram users and if you search #RealEstate on Instagram, you'll find over 4 million posts tagged with it, meaning there are plenty of folks out there utilizing Instagram for their real estate needs. It's a great outlet to share both your business and your life with your network of real estate agents, as well as with your clients and potential clients.

So what's the next step? If you're not already on Instagram, then check out our quick start guide here to getting signed in and setting up your profile. Once you've got that all done, you've got to build up both your followers and your following. Start by amping up who you're following and the rest will come from there. Give our list a try and watch as your Instagram feed is immediately enhanced...

Follow these influencers on Instagram for real estate:

Quick, get on Instagram and follow these real estate pros. Not only will it help in giving you some major inspiration for your own account, but it's an immediate link into the real estate social media community. It's a great way to network a little with other agents outside of your area while building up that ever-important online presence for the sake of your clients and future clients.

Our Top List:

1. Fredrik Eklund: @fredrikeklundny (697k followers)

    1. Who are they? Fredrik Eklund is a real estate broker from the prestigious New York City real estate firm, Douglas Elliman. He has succeeded not only in the US real estate industry but also in Scandinavia where he founded his own real estate company, which employs over 50 people at three offices. Outside of work, he stars in the television show Million Dollar Listing New York on Bravo, and he has written and published a book, "The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone."

    1. What do they share? Fredrik shares mostly posts that peek into his celebrity lifestyle, with other posts focusing on real estate and architecture in New York City's Manhattan. Often Fredrik posts a listing on his account.

    1. Why follow them? Feel like a celebrity with Fredrik's stunning posts.

2. Ryan Serhant: @ryanserhant (500k followers)

    1. Who are they? Another real estate broker starring on Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan Serhant is from New York City. With his life motto being "Expansion. Always, in all ways," he is part of the elite real estate firm Nest Seekers International and appears on Network News regularly.

    1. What do they share? Ryan posts recently have featured house listings around New York City and Long Island. In the past, he has mainly posted personal photos of his vacations, family, and friends.

    1. Why follow them? Relax and enjoy the sweet posts Ryan dishes out daily.

3. Josh Altman: @thejoshaltman (217k followers)

    1. Who are they? Part of the firm Douglas Elliman, Josh Altman is a real estate agent who founded his own successful real estate firm in Los Angeles. He stars in Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles as well as travels around the US as a motivational speaker.

    1. What do they share? Josh's main focus on Instagram is his personal life and family, however he does post house listings as well as photos of his daily business tasks, such as attending a conference.

    1. Why follow them? Feel as if you're part of the real estate firm Douglas Elliman with Josh's regular posts.

4. Chad Carroll: @chadcarroll (154k followers)

    1. Who are they? Million Dollar Listing Miami star Chad Carroll is Vice President of Douglas Elliman, which operates in Miami as well as New York City. He is known to have a "full-service real estate approach," and certainly that approach has brought him success through the years.

    1. What do they share? Chad strictly posts beautiful house listings on his account, with a sprinkle of beautiful nature photos. This instagram account advertises Miami's amazing beauty and luxury, a very unique take.

    1. Why follow them? Chad's daily posts of Miami luxury homes and scenes will take your breath away.

5. Barbara Corcoran: @barbaracorcoran (143k followers)

    1. Who are they? Barbara Corcoran turned her life around at the age of 23 when she founded and lead The Corcoran Group, a New York residential brokerage firm that sold for $66 million in 2011. She now is an investor in ABC's TV show Shark Tank, and co-founded the Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners, a group that invests in early-stage start-ups. She also is a regular contributor to NBC's Today show.

    1. What do they share? Barbara posts snaps of her personal life with funny and cute anecdotes. She also posts advice to her followers while displaying intimate moments with her family and friends.

    1. Why follow them? Barbara brings a kind and fun nature to your feed with her posts, why not?

6. Luis Iglesias: @luisiglesiasrealestate (86k followers)

    1. Who are they? Luis Iglesias is the founder and main broker of the Iglesias Realty Group. He has expertise in the luxury real estate market as well as with high profile clientele.

    1. What do they share? Luis strictly posts listings, with some posts focusing on a particular feature of a listing. Luxury and simplicity is the theme his posts have in common.

    1. Why follow them? For a window into what the life of a celebrity at home is like, add Luis and his posts to your feed ASAP.

7. Madison Hildebrand: @madisonmalibu (66.7k followers)

    1. Who are they? Yet another start from Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles, Madison Hildebrand is a luxury realtor and CEO at The Malibu Life, Inc. that recently joined with Partner's Trust, which Madison is a founding partner of. Still young, Madison still has a career ahead of him.

    1. What do they share? With a good balance between house listings around Los Angeles, his personal life, and humor, Madison's posts are clean and simple.

    1. Why follow them? If you want to commit to a real estate agent without having your feed clogged with house listings, follow Madison for a well-balanced approach.

8. Kevin Vaughan: @kevin.vaughan (52k followers)

    1. Who are they? Kevin Vaughan is a Business Development Executive at Platinum Luxury Auction, a company that sells luxury estates on behalf of owners. Based in Miami, Kevin helps Platinum grow, and under his watch it has the potential to become a leader in luxury asset auctions in Florida.

    1. What do they share? Kevin's post are primarily photos of estates auctioned off. The main theme his account embodies is luxury, however Kevin's captions are fun and relatable.

    1. Why follow them? Luxurious homes with funny captions makes Kevin a key to anyone looking for a vibrant real estate Instagram account.

9. Jordan J Nielson: @laughing_realtor (27.8k followers)

    1. Who are they? Jordan Nielson is an Account Manager at ListerPros, an Arizona based real estate marketing firm. After his life as a Realtor, he joined ListerPros to help real estate agents market listings all over the state.

    1. What do they share? Jordan's posts funny, relatable memes and other media to Instagram. These posts show the life of a real estate agent with a comical spin.

    1. Why follow them? Laughing daily is medically proven to help fight illnesses, and Jordan's account will help you do that everyday.

10. Joyce Rey: @joycereyrealestate (26.8k followers)

    1. Who are they? Joyce has been in the real estate industry for over 41 years. Now serving as Executive Director in Los Angeles for Coldwell Banker. She was named Coldwell's #1 real estate agent worldwide in 2011, as well part of the #1 team on the United States West Coast in 2012.

    1. What do they share? Different from other real estate agents, Joyce occasionally posts beautiful homes she sold in the past. She also posts current listings, and rest assured, they are all breathtaking.

    1. Why follow them? Joyce's addition to your Instagram feed will bring pictures of modern day castles to your feed. Who doesn't like to imagine being royalty?

Now what?

Get Instagram-inspired by these top 10 real estate agents! From what they're posting, to how they utilize the platform to show off listings and share ideas with their audience, you can glean some easy tips for how to run your own platform. Once you're there, do a little snooping. Check out who else is following their profile and liking their photos and see if you can discover any more Insta-friends. Expand your social network, you just might be surprised by what you find and how you can build up your business from there.

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