May 03, 2013

Throwing an Event? Easily Triple your ROI Through your Contact Database

Although there are many who believe the days of live event marketing are over, event marketing is still a great opportunity to find qualified leads. Results from a study done by Hubspot showed that of the six channels marketing campaigns rely on, email is ranked first, followed by websites, social media, word-of-mouth, direct mail and telemarketing.

Email campaigns do have certain benefits that other channels lack when it comes to your marketing campaign. Using your contact database to optimize your ROI is easier than generating new leads, however this does not mean that you can type out your email and be done. Here are some tips to ensure that your email campaign achieves the desired results.

1. Segment your Contacts

An email campaign does not mean emailing every contact on your list. In reality, quality is more important than quantity. Make sure you know your live event target audience. You can then segment your contacts into likely to attend or uninterested segments. Targeting leads with a high interest will improve your event ROI.

2. Be Compelling

Live event emails need to be able to convince someone that they want to attend your event. Your opportunity to compel the reader starts at the subject line and continues until the emails closing. Methods to achieve this consist of strong hooks, being positive and customizing your approach. Think of it like a party invite. No one wants to go to someone's party when the invite is bland, right?

3. Relevant Content

You have already segmented your contacts and the next step is developing an email that your contacts will want to read. Try lightening up the mood. Customizing your email with jokes, videos or articles to appeal to each individual segment will ensure a great turnout at your event.

4. Follow up (duh!)

Once you've pressed SEND you can sit back and relax as that email navigates the depths of the internet and finds its way to your contact's inbox, right? No, it does not end right there. Once you've made such a great impression on your contacts you need to finish strong. An email sent after the event, with relevant content of course, will help foster the relationships you've made with your prospects.

5. Integrate other channels

Email is just one of many channels used market for live events. Weaving the other channels such as social media, cold calling and site visits will reinforce your email efforts. One popular method of channel integration is making your emails social.

Through all of your marketing efforts, be sure you don't forget your purpose. Although the customer is important, you are trying to facilitate awareness, attendance, and conversion with your live event.

If this works out for you, or if you have any thoughts, drop them in the comments below!