April 08, 2013

The When and How of Follow-Ups [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ask yourself: is there a right way to follow up with a contact? How soon after contact should you get in touch? What form of communication should you use?

We took another look at our data to find out when and how Contactually's users are following up with their important contacts.

In short: the average Contactually users will probably follow up within two days, send an email, and, if they use social media, will follow up via Facebook.

  • 47.5 percent of users follow up within 48 hours.

  • 73.4 percent of users follow up via email.

  • 50 percent of social media follow-ups are sent via Facebook.

When to follow up

Must you reply to an email immediately after receiving it? No, not necessarily. You don't have to reply to every email right away. If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. By some smart guy's basic law of prioritization, some stuff will be pushed more toward the front while some others will take a back seat, and it's those at the beginning of the queue you need to take care of. When it comes to email, what works for me is knowing to whom and to what to reply immediately, especially when my inbox fills up more fast and furiously than a Vin Diesel car movie.

Following up very quickly every time means risking lower productivity levels due to distraction. Following up late means you're letting relationships fall by the wayside. Find that happy balance.

How to follow up

A vast majority of our users send follow-ups through their email, which isn't surprising -- Contactually is inherently an email-based product, after all. However, what is interesting is the 26.6 percent who also follow up in other ways including phone calls and social media, with the latter being more and more commonplace, albeit a little slowly.

We've discussed the term "follow up" implying something more formal, e.g., phone call or email, but following up via social media sources like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is more than acceptable in this day and age, and even encouraged depending on the nature of your business.

Tell us.. how do you keep in touch?