November 21, 2012

The Value of Thank-You Emails

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As Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and you're busy wrapping things up in the office today, let's take a minute to review the ever-so-important Thank-You email. While most people receive dozens, if not hundreds of emails each day, one simple thank-you email to your prospects can be an extremely effective way to keep them engaged with your brand and should be a part of your follow-up strategy. The easiest way to say thanks is to send a message after your visitors convert on one of your landing pages. This gives you the chance to provide them with valuable content they can keep in their inbox and refer back to, while also helping you recruit new usersby sharing your content with their networks. The following are three easy rules to keep in mind to increase the effectiveness of your thank you.

Keep it Simple

While this might seem obvious it is important to remember when scheduling thank you emails. If a prospect opens an email to find that it is full of text and difficult to navigate through, there's a small chance they'll bother to read it and a great chance it will end up in the trash. Start by implementing automatic thank-you emails that get triggered when a visitor converts on your landing pages. Just a few points of valuable content will keep them engaged and help guide them in the right direction in your sales cycle.


Consumers especially look for confirmation emails after a purchase or filling out some type of form. Since this is an item they will most likely keep in their inbox, include calls-to-action for additional offers that will encourage secondary conversions. Provide them with contact information to consult with a member of your team or offer them a free trial for a premium feature of your product. Simple offers like these are great ways to continue customer engagement.

Make Your Thank-You Email Easy to Share

In addition to encouraging secondary conversions, thank-you emails are a great opportunity to expand your network and reach a new audience. Offer additional content such as links to webinars, whitepapers, or company newsletters that your recipient will want to share with their networks and make it easy for them to do so. Use friendly language that encourages them to share your content and place social media sharing links in the body of the email.

So, before you head home to relax and enjoy your turkey, pause for a moment to review your follow-up strategy. A simple thank-you email to your customers and prospects can be an invaluable tool for your business. And, if you have any additional thoughts on thank-you emails, let us know in comments below!