March 19, 2016

The Top 10 Real Estate Influencers on Twitter


As a Real Estate professional, it's key to set yourself up with a strong online presence, we can't stress that enough. But the process of building up that presence can be an arduous one, at some points feeling frustrating and lonely. We've all been there and we all know it's important to have friends and role models to look to as you work through the hard parts of creating your online presence. One of the best places to find those role models? Twitter of course!

So we're asking you, what do you use Twitter for? Beyond maintaining an active presence on the platform, you want to be checking out the other thought leaders and influencers out there. And believe us, there's plenty out there. The purpose behind this is two-fold. First, these influencers are sharing important insights, thought leadership, and great ideas for you to implement in your own business strategies. Second, by digging through who they follow and who they mention, you can continue to build up your own sphere of influencers and followers.

Don't be afraid to check out other real estate professionals out there and reach out to them, it's all a part of building up that strong brand identity and online presence. 49% of Twitter users follow and interact with brands on the platform. That's nearly half of the Twitter population out there who are actively looking to engage with the brands and thought leaders they follow on Twitter. What better reason do you need to stay active on Twitter? To get you started, we're sharing our top 10 choices for real estate influencers for you to start building up your following.

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Top 10 Real Estate Influencers to Follow on Twitter

1. Chris Smith @chris_smth

The co-founder of Curaytor, a sales and marketing coaching company and author of two best-selling books, Smith hosts the weekly chat on Twitter #WaterCooler where you can find plenty of others in the real estate industry chatting and exchanging ideas.

2. Amy Chorew @amychorew

The VP of Platform Development at Better Homes and Gardens knows her houses. Scroll through her Twitter feed for useful real estate statistics and updates from relevant industry conferences. She also shares posts from Insights, Better Home and Gardens' real estate specific blog. With over 17k followers, she's a great resource and trusted industry expert.

3. Seth Williams @retipsterseth

The founder of, Williams' blog breaks down the art of making money by investing in the Real Estate market. Williams' engaging Twitter presence isn't just for those out there looking to flip houses, he's a great source to find other real estate articles and blogs out there. Plus, as a Real Estate agent, it gives you an idea of what's going on in the minds and social media of some of your audience and buyers!

4. Katie Lance @katielance






Katie is the CEO and Owner of Katie Lance Consulting - a social media marketing firm. She specializes in working with companies to help develop and implement their social media and content strategy. Katie's clients include companies like RE/MAX International and DocuSign, and her Twitter is full of awesome tips and strategies for conquering social media as a real estate agent and how you can make the most of new trends like Facebook Live. Plus with the grand reveal of her #GetSocialSmart Academy, she is officially the guru of all things social media for real estate agents!

5. Laura Monroe @lauramonroe

The Director of Marketing over at Real Satisfied and a regular contributor at Inman News, Laura's Twitter feed is one you want to turn to for quick updates from the real estate world, and links to the latest articles, blog posts, and news. She also consistently shares out the latest and greatest in tools and technology for Realtors, plus she always manages to find time to respond to her followers, giving you a great way to check out who else is out there in the real estate Twitter-verse.

6. Tom Ferry @tomferry

We're sure you've heard the name before...right? He's the #1 real estate coach and educator, and is often giving speeches on his business and real estate strategies. We say he's a must-follow on Twitter, and you can't go wrong with that right? Check out who he follows for a great way to extend your own sphere, and then be sure to follow the different articles and posts he shares. They may not all be real estate related, but they're all business savvy tips and tricks, something we could all use!

7. Candace Taylor @CandaceETaylor

Taylor is the residential real estate reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and if you don't get the WSJ, then you better start following Taylor's Twitter. She shares every article she writes, along with tips and tidbits along the way. Her insights take on the real estate world in a non-Realtor fashion, and there's nothing wrong with diversifying your sources to get a different point of view.

8. Paul Morris @PaulMarkMorris

The Regional Director of Keller Williams' California region and a business coach, Morris' Twitter feed is a great combination of inspirational quotes, relevant TED talks, and links to key articles and posts for everyone from the entrepreneur to the Realtor. He's got some great advice for making the best business moves and changing up your strategies.

9. Stefan Swanepoel @Swanepoel

The thought leader in the real estate brokerage business and an expert on real estate trends, Swanepoel is pretty much synonymous with real estate. He's the host of the annual T3 Summit and has written over 30 bestselling books. His Twitter feed features clips from his talks, updates from conferences, and plenty of his signature wisdom. If you're in real estate, you need to have Swanepoel on your radar.

10. Mark Willis @markwillisinc

Willis is the Co-Owner of Keller Williams Realty, the largest real estate company in the world. Suffice to say, he knows the real estate market. His Twitter feed is chock full of great quotes and shares of news updates and notes from conferences. He's got over 10k followers and even better, he does a great job at engaging with them too!

Now go forth and Tweet

The best way to expand your online presence is to be active on those channels. The first step? Follow influencers and others within their sphere of followers. Be engaging and reach out to others in the industry, you may be surprised with how quickly your follower list grows and how many future clients and customers find you through your social media presence once you start to build it up!