July 12, 2018

The Secret of Sales for Introverts


Sales expert, Matthew Pollard, joins me on episode 42 of Real Relationships. You may have heard of him or seen him around on the internet, he is known as ‘the rapid growth guy.’ Matthew is a speaker, growth coach, and author of The Introvert’s Edge. Matthew has nailed down a process to cultivate analytical thinking to create solutions to what customers need. He joins the show to expound on his theory that introverts actually have the advantage when it comes to selling. Are you curious to hear how this could be true? Listen to this episode to discover the secret of sales for introverts.

How does an introvert become a door to door salesman?

Surprisingly enough Matthew began his career as a door to door salesman. Being an introvert, this was the last job he could ever want. But since this was the only company hiring at the time, he had to give it a go. It took knocking on 93 doors before he got his first sale. That is when he realized he had to learn how to sell. Matthew began scouring YouTube to find out how to sell. He figured if he could just develop a strategy that he could use he could actually become a salesman. Watching YouTube videos is a challenging way to learn, but he was able to create his own system over time. That is how he ended up becoming so good at selling that he became the sales trainer for the number one sales company in the southern hemisphere. Listen to this episode of Real Relationships to hear about Matthew’s system for sales and discover why being an introvert is actually a real advantage.

How is being an introvert a secret advantage in sales?

Introverts don’t come with a natural knack for talking to people which means that sales can be a real challenge. But being an introvert can spur you to take action to learn more. Introverts are great at learning systems, so once they learn this becomes their secret advantage. Introverts have one skill that extroverts have a hard time with - listening. Introverts are expert listeners since they aren’t always planning their next thing to say. Introverts truly listen to the response of a question. Once you understand that you have a natural advantage over extroverts, then you realize that it is easy to learn a system to help you. Learn sales for introverts and how to outperform extroverts and earn more money by listening to Matthew Pollard on this episode of Real Relationships.

What does Matthew wish he could tell his younger self about sales?

Most people focus on sales tactics and not the strategies behind selling. The sales conversation becomes easier if you have a strategy. Matthew has learned the importance of differentiating himself in a crowded market. The key to sales is discovering what separates you from everyone else in the industry. Once you can do that you can niche down. Matthew feels that speaking to everyone is as good as speaking to no one. If Matthew could talk to his younger self he would want to hear about real examples of sales successes. After so many years of using his sales strategy, he has hundreds of examples of people using his sales strategy to achieve success. Learn the story of how Matthew took a language education expert from making $50 an hour to selling a $27,000 6-week package on this episode of Real Relationships.

How does he balance the important tasks with the urgent tasks?

Matthew uses time-blocking to block out time to work on his business rather than in it. He understands that the only way to have real growth in his business is by dedicating time to marketing. Many people spend less than 45 minutes working on marketing for their business and then they are surprised when they find that they have no clientele. Few people realize how important it is to work on their business rather than work in their business. Matthew feels that it is as simple as dedicating 20% of your time on marketing. Listen to Matthew’s creative solution to blocking out time for marketing on this episode of Real Relationships.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:54] How did he start off his career as a door to door salesman?
  • [10:15] Is being an introvert a secret advantage?
  • [13:46] What does he wish he could tell his younger self?
  • [23:44] When someone asks you what you do, how do you answer?
  • [26:52] How does he balance the important with the urgent?
  • [31:24] Does Matthew have a regular approach to maintaining relationships in his business?
  • [33:21] What is the one non-obvious thing he has found?

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