November 18, 2016

The Real Estate Accelerator: A Contactually Exclusive


Here at Contactually, our mission is to help grow the businesses of our customers. Whether we're on the sales team, marketing team, product and engineering team, the customer success team or anything in between, we come to work every day with one goal:

Figure out what our customers need to be successful, and then deliver it directly to them.

In the last few months, we've talked to hundreds of real estate professionals in an effort to understand exactly what they need. We've had conversations with brand new agents, agents with thirty years of experience under their belts, buyer's agents, seller's agents, team leads, brokers, assistants...we've covered them all! It quickly became clear to us that real estate agents needed more than what we were already providing in our professional plan at Contactually, so we turned around and spent months coming up with a solution.

We are so excited to announce our newest plan: The Real Estate Accelerator.

After hours of talking to hundreds real estate professionals, it was clear they want and need three things:

    • They want to save time

    • They want to communicate more effectively

    • They want to grow their business

How Will the Real Estate Accelerator Help Me Save Time?

As an account executive here at Contactually, my job is to learn everything I can about my client's business goals, so that I can help them determine whether or not Contactually will be a good fit for their business. After thousands of conversations, the one resounding similarity between real estate agents is that they're very, very busy.

And they don't have time for busy work.

Good news, real estate agents. At Contactually, we heard you. You want to nurture cold leads, open house leads, new internet leads, past clients and everything in between. But sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to cover all that. You want an excellent CRM that helps you close more deals without sitting down for twenty hours a week to send out emails. You want to have more time to do what you do best: meet with clients. We heard you.

The real estate accelerator combats your lack of extra time with two solutions:

    • Training

    • Automation

First, we help you set-up your account entirely. We'll consolidate your database and import your contacts. We'll set you up with our resident real estate expert, Bradley, to train you on the system. No need to spend hours and hours guessing where to click next; we'll teach you what you need to know.

Next (and here's the exciting part!), we'll set up all your workflows and drip campaigns (tailored for you and your business) and put them right into your account. Three complete business systems will be yours within minutes:

    • Internet leads engagement workflow

    • Referral generation workflow

    • Open house follow-up workflow

With twenty minutes a day, you'll be closing more business and all those forgotten leads you lost track of? We'll help you rekindle the relationship and make sure no one falls through the cracks again. You don't have time to waste with administrative work, so we take it out of your hands to give you more time to spend with clients.

How Will the Real Estate Accelerator Help Me Communicate More Effectively?

When we were creating this plan, we asked ourselves these questions:

    1. What does it take to get a lead to respond?

    1. What does it take to build a relationship with a cold lead so that they do business with you in two years when they are finally ready to buy or sell?

    1. What does it take for an open house lead to convert?

Contactually's answer: personalized, authentic and consistent engagement.

On the Real Estate Accelerator plan, we'll curate email templates just for you. Once we've learned all there is to know about your business, our marketing experts will write ten templates in your voice and make sure you have them to send right from your account. Those workflows mentioned above also include 100+ email templates, so you never run out of things to say, and it never sounds canned. With the Real Estate Accelerator, you'll be communicating more effectively in no time

How will the Real Estate Accelerator Help Me Grow My Business?

Have you seen our post about where real estate professionals' business comes from?

We saw teams spending thousands of dollars on internet leads, when their rich networks and spheres were where the majority of their business was coming from. But regardless of where your leads are coming from, you want to convert every single one of them, right?

We saw that realtors tend to have leads (hot, warm and cold) that slip through the cracks. With the Real Estate Accelerator, every lead gets touched effectively and consistently. Automatically. In order to ensure your business' success and growth, we are also giving you two free coaching sessions with a seasoned and professional real estate coach. We don't claim to know everything about real estate (although sometimes we like to wish!), so we're bringing the true experts on board to support you in your new endeavor.

Thought that was all?

Not quite.

On the real estate accelerator, you are also being granted access to a customer success manager if you ever get stuck. We are here to help you grow your business, and consistent support you can count on is our promise as you move through the accelerator.

To find out more about our real estate accelerator, you can call our team at 202-888-3291 and get started today.