September 20, 2012

The New Enterprise Model: Contactually for Teams


We'll be honest - when we started Contactually, we focused primarily on individuals. Boiled down to the core, Contactually was a sales productivity tool. Our suite of features was perfectly tailored towards the individual who had to work on CRM, but quite normally, they'd be someone who could receive an incredible amount of benefit from a CRM. If only a CRM worked for them.

In traditional enterprise software, the problem is the effort to reward ratio is out of sync.



Good customer development focused on the end user drove us to the product offering we have now. Instead of focusing on reporting and data entry, we optimized the user experience. This included automatically gathering contacts, indexing relationships, detecting and generating tasks, and populating their third party apps. We've had hundreds of interviews with people who were simply worn out from trying different CRMs ad nauseum. The hunger for having something like Salesforce, or Highrise, or SugarCRM, that actually worked for them was still there though. The Contactually team has spent the past year working towards this dream. Looking at how our customers use Contactually, it looks like we are hitting on something.

For the end-user who want their business tools to be just as effortless, rewarding, and dare we say enjoyable, the wave is crashing on the shores now. You can find an expense manager, e-mail client, accounting suite, word processor, network drive, and, yes, even a CRM, that's great for you.


But what about the enterprise's needs?

What about the overall analytics, reporting, and management that you would normally see in an enterprise product? Do they just disappear?

Contactually's Next Phase

Today, we're happy to announce the next phase of Contactually: Contactually for Teams. We've nailed down the value for the business professional, helping them organize their relationships, making them more productive in their sales and business needs, and keeping their third party systems up to date. While we're still improving that experience, we're thinking about how we can make the enterprise more efficient.
Here is what it looks like:

The Team Dashboard

The team dashboard is the overview of Contactually for Teams. From one place, you can see the strength of all internal and external relationships, organized by whatever categories you set up for your company. The individual productivity and health of each of your team members is available here as well. You can then dive into trouble spots, and immediately start taking action, assigning contacts to other team members. The team dashboard allows the responsible parties at the company to stop asking questions, and start taking action.

In designing the Team Dashboard, we tried to answer the following questions:

* Which leads have we not spoken to recently? Who can I re-assign them to?
* Which customers do we communicate with most frequently?
* Who performs best on my team? Who needs help rebalancing their relationships?

Shared Team Contacts

The team manager can set up overall categories for end-users to subscribe to allow you to set up a central taxonomy. Depending on your contact management needs, you may set up categories for leads, customers, partners, vendors, potential recruits, and more. All of this is still in the hands of the end user. They can manage and configure their own buckets, and choose which contacts get shared with the team, and which relationships (personal, professional, etc) they keep to themselves. By still keeping the end-user in control, this gives them more comfort in adopting a business tool.



All-in-one Contact Records

Who do we know? Who's been in touch with them most recently? What have we been talking about with the customer? Contactually automatically aggregates relationships, providing a centralized view of every contact, across every platform. So if your customer service department had been talking with a contact over Twitter, then your account manager had been e-mailing back and forth, and even the CEO had exchanged a couple e-mails, Contactually provides a central view of all communications, notes, and connected employees. This is all in addition to what Contactually normally does, including smart merging and de-duplication, scraping of social profiles, and extracting phone numbers and job titles out of e-mail signatures.


Integration with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Highrise, and other business tools
Your company CRM is likely limited to a couple particular groups, where inside-sales and having your CRM open all day long is expected. But ask any other end-user, and they'll usually say the biggest pain point is time-wasting data entry. Never enter another lead into your CRM again. Contactually lets you designate groups of contacts that get automatically added to your company's CRM.

So that's Contactually for Teams in a nutshell. Sign up today, and get your team up and running today. Our sales team is more than happy to assist, and provide some useful additional guides on what we can do.