November 19, 2012

The Marketing Power of Blogging

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In this day and age, marketing has transcended traditional advertisements and gone the way of the Internet. And with that shift, blogging has become one of the best ways for a company to get their message out to their user base.

Employees use company blogs to share great articles targeting their users, interesting company news, tips, or even have a bit of fun. From experience, the best company blogs are front-facing and personal, meaning that you're engaging with your customers right there and humanizing your business -- and that's important.

    • Reach new a user base - Thanks to Google and other search engines, anyone is the world can find your blog. You can also find blog directories and syndicators to help further spread the reach of your content. For your company, that means that you're tapping into a whole new well of users you wouldn't have reached otherwise.

    • Build rapport - You're obviously an expert at what you do, so let people know. Your content should be interesting, thought-provoking, and relevant to the time. Being in the relationship management space, we have a few posts dealing with that in the archives of our blog, and this one on social CRMs by our CEO Zvi Band is just one example. In some cases, these posts came with the spark of an idea and had a short turn around. However, to make great content on a regular schedule, you're going to need to have an editorial schedule. One where you plan out (and hopefully write) your articles in advance so that you're covered whenever burn in sets in.

    • Answer the question: "what can readers get here that they can't anywhere else?" - This may be one of the most important aspects of your blog. The easiest source of material that you only can provide is company data. Is there anything interesting about your company that you're able to share? If so, write about it. As an example, we wrote this post about the breakdown of operating systen and browsers for Contactually users back in July. Was it interesting? Absolutely!

    • Keep it real - The great thing about company blogs is that they're generally more casual. And if you look at our blog, or the blog from our friends at 37signals, you'll see that. Reading a blog that feels very corporate sucks, so why write that way? Writing like you're writing to humans will go a long way -- conversations are created more easily, and it'll humanize your business.

Have any thoughts on blogging and marketing? Let us know in comments below!