April 09, 2012

The Importance of Email

Did you know that 95% of U.S. online consumers use email for communication and business? I believe it's the best communication medium to provide a personal, and direct conversation. Social communication is on the verge of evolving, and predicated to take over email, but it still has a long way to go. Email is much too important to just be "taken over." It is the best means of communication in a professional manner, and can also be friendly as well.

The data regarding email usage is extraordinary. The infographic has some very interesting facts on email usage:

  • 2.8 million emails are sent every second

  • 43.5 million consumers check their email on a daily basis

  • 3.1 billion email accounts in 2011, of which almost 75% are consumer-based

Not only is email a great way to communicate for consumers, but business use email everyday to reach new, existing, and future customers. It triumphs over social by being able to deliver private, transactional messages, which result in being able to help increase customer retention, and a larger profit margin.

Personally, I use email every single day, and like to respond immediately when I receive an email that needs a reply as soon as possible; it's part of my "getting things done" plan. ;) As an online consumer, I can't resist checking my email, and use it more than ever when I'm on the go through mobile email. Mobile email has emerged as a great technology, and is standard for all smartphones. 38.5% of mobile time is spent checking email, while only 10% is used checking social media. These numbers demonstrate the difference between email and social media, and how email is not dead, and still trumps over social. How long do you ponder over emails when using your mobile?