March 14, 2016

The Guide to Building Relationships with Executives, Influencers & VIPs

A while back, our CEO, Zvi, wrote a post here about how to build genuine relationships with executives, influencers and other VIPs in your life. This is a skill that remains necessary wherever you are in your career, and is relevant across all industries and businesses. So, why are we revisiting this?

Because across all industries and businesses, there's a fear that goes along with building up and maintaining these relationships. We want to not only dispel why there's a need for that fear. We want to encourage you to break through it because the end result will be far worth it.

We wrote an awesome guide to help you define who those important folks are in your life and how to move forward with creating genuine relationships with them.

Read on for more on building these key relationships...

Before you get hung up on the fear of reaching out to VIPs or perhaps an executive in an organization, you need to remember that these individuals...they're just like us! While they wield influence in their sphere or industry, and most likely have been very successful in their career or roles, it doesn't mean they have more hours in the day or extra super powers that you're missing out on.

If anything, these influencers or execs would probably prefer if you treat them like humans, albeit respectfully, rather than putting them up on a pedestal and ogling as if they're a celebrity. You have a lot more in common with them than you may think and remembering that in your communications is key, after all you're probably both working in the same industry, right?

Take a quick look at LinkedIn's Influencer page, while we don't expect you to begin a relationship with one of those top influencers with a cool 5 million followers, but those with a couple hundred thousand could be within your reach. And what a great reach that would be! When you get discouraged about working through the fear or nerves, think about the end goal and how widening your networking to a half a million people could impact you and your business.

Ready to start creating these better relationships?

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