July 01, 2013

How SHOULD You Sign Off An Email?

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We shared this article a few weeks ago on whether the signoff in emails have gone the way of the dodo. Matthew J.X. Malady, the author of the slate piece, feels that they are of a bygone era. In a way, that makes sense. Using signoffs such as "sincerely" seems very antiquated, but would emails feel incomplete without something signaling the end of the email? Alternatively, I've seen people use "eom" (for "end of message"), but that feels incredibly cold and distant, going completely against the notion that emails are meant to be personal.

Personally, I end my emails with "cheers."

Here's what a few of our Twitter followers thought:




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Or, you can end try signing your emails this way:

What's your rule on email etiquette for signoffs?