July 14, 2016

The Contactually Platform: Better Than Ever & More to Come


We have an ambitious vision here at Contactually: The most successful businesses in the world will be built upon personal, authentic relationships with their clients and partners.


And our best shot at fully accomplishing that vision is to provide you with the best platform. We've been pretty transparent in the past about our continued iteration and evolution into a quality platform that, most importantly, you value and trust.


I thought I would share some of the recent enhancements that we have made that already made a big impact on our user experience.

The Contactually of today....and tomorrow:

    • Super tight integrations with both Google Apps and introducing Microsoft Office365! With one click, you can plug Contactually into your email AND calendar in both Google Apps and Microsoft Office365. That means, without having to risk exposing your passwords to any other service, Contactually can keep you engaged with the people you are emailing with and meeting with - no manual entry required.

    • A ridiculously large library of email templates, as well as pipelines and programs, to help you better engage with your key relationships. You can always bring your own, but we've worked with experts to build proven templates for dozens of scenarios, like recruiting the best agents and sending off a thank you.

    • Powerful platform support. Wherever you are in Contactually, you can very quickly get the best practices and guidance you need. One click to FAQs, tools, email chat and more. It's just that easy.

    • Speed and stability. It's hard to fully measure how much better the Contactually experience is now compared to a couple years ago, we can look at the number of bugs people report drop to a fraction of what it was before, or the lightning fast response times by our servers, or the minimal downtime experienced. But in truth, what matters is that people trust the experience as they would any enterprise application. No more "sorry, we're a startup" apologies, there's always more to be done, but we encourage you to try it for yourself, it's remarkable.

So what's coming down the pipeline?

    • This is a big teaser, but the core of Contactually is around helping you engage. And for that, you'll see a completely refreshed experience in very short order. We'll help you better compose the right message, engage using the right medium, and gain enough insight into your relationships to deliver the most amount of value.

    • A completely redesigned dashboard experience. The heartbeat of Contactually is in our dashboard, giving you the next best recommended action. And you'll see a lot more intelligence in what, how, and who you should engage with.

    • Better experiences for Gmail/Google Apps users and Android users. We're thinking not only about how to extend our Contactually experience to these devices and interfaces, but how to provide you the best tools to help you engage in the right way.

    • Search has always been a part of it - Contactually is the hub of your relationships and having the ability to find the right people quickly is key. You'll see - beyond expected speed enhancements - the ability to better find, categorize, and manipulate your company's massive contact database.

What would you like to see?

We're here to make Contactually the best it can be and we can't do that without new ideas from our users who know it best. Share your thoughts and ideas so we can continue to build a bigger and better Contactually that suits your needs and relationships. What else can we do to help you? I'm listening.