July 06, 2015

The Biggest List of 133 Relationship Management Tools


I think I use anywhere between 3-7 tools and platforms a day. Although, it may seem on the excessive end as the number rises, I couldn't actively do my job or manage my relationships successfully without each of the tools. I found an article stating that in a recent report 53% of mid-size companies use at least 5 or more technology solutions, while 15% use 10 or more.

How many are you using?

Different sized teams, goals, and jobs will require a combination of a variety of tools and platforms; yet, the one thing that probably remains the same is the maintenance of the relationships that need to be formed. You've heard us talk about how valuable are and we'll say it over and over again. But, do you have all of the right tools and platforms to really succeed in your relationships?

We've compiled this extensive list below, segmented by purpose of the tool, to help provide a directory for you with the platforms and tools you can try out to make an impact on your relationships and drive even more value back to your business.

Check out these 133 Relationship Management tools below:

Team Communication

Now that we have access to each other at almost any point and as any team grows, tools and platforms that allow for better communication across individuals is vital. Communication is also the very thing you need for better relationships. Here are some examples of the best team communication tools we've found:

    1. Slack - Team communication, searchable conversations, makes work more productive and more pleasant.

    1. Hipchat - Group and private chat for teams, team chat built for business, video calling and screen sharing, create chat rooms, run on multiple platforms, can message from anywhere.

Gchat - Chat with contacts via Google contacts.
4. Honey - Share company news with the people you work with, contribute value, and information to the team from anywhere.
5. Candor - Helps generate ideas and make difficult decision. Assists teams not get stuck on the first idea that crosses their mind.
6. 15Five - Team communication solution to boost performance.

Analyze Your Relationships

How do you know if something is working? You analyze it, but then how do you analyze these things? Having a tool to show you what is working and what isn't working is a requirement to improve your connections. You'll be able to see everything from what people are interacting with in your emails to the traffic on your site with these tools:

    1. Google Analytics - Answers and insights, analytics tool for your online product.

    1. Mixpanel - A tool to measure actions on your webpages, lets you know how engaged your visitors are with your site.

    1. SumAll - Analytics, reports, and all the data you need in one place. Show off your reports to show value, understand and improve social media performance.

    1. KISSmetrics - Marketing optimization, track and analyze online marketing, increase conversions, understand consumer behavior.
      11. Crystal App - Analyzes and allows you to communicate with anyone based on their personality, tells you words, style, and tones to use in your email

Project Management

When you are working with a team, maybe some freelancers, and then also adding in a few remote team members to the mix, organizing a project together and staying on the same page can be a daunting task in itself. However, with the right project management platform, you'll be able to cohesively align with your team ensuring that the communication and right follow-ups are organized correctly. Here are some of the best ones we've found:

    1. Basecamp - Project finishing tool, bring groups together to focus on a common goal, divide up the work between teem members.
      13. Asana - Team communication, different communication from email, putting everything into one app, tests, projects, automatic updates that let you know about important tasks.
      14. Trello - Organizing calendars, create boards to share ideas and information between team members.
      15. Wrike - Online project management software.

  1. Mavenlink - Integrated business and project management. Manages projects, finances, timelines, resourcing, and insights helps you focus on how to move your project forward

Generate More Relationships

The amount of relationships that you have in your network is almost limitless. (Granted there will be diminishing returns in following up and staying top of mind) How can you generate more contacts and leads to boost your network? Here are some example tools that you can use:

    1. Wufoo - Online form builder.

    1. Ringio - Integrated sales calls, allows users to take control of their daily call routines, shows you information on your contacts when they call, matches your contact calls to your CRM email systems.
      19. Gravity Forms - Advanced forms for Wordpress. Quick and easy form building.
      20. Sniply - Attach a call-to-action to every link you share to generate more leads.
      21. AddThis - Actionable tools to help you optimize your marketing and develop authentic audience relationships, engage visitors with targeted tools.

Email Marketing

Year after year marketers rank their most effective marketing channels and the one that always seems to be at the top is email marketing. Email is a strong marketing channel and it also has become one of the main forms of communication for individuals . Check out some of these email marketing platforms to send the best emails to your business network:

    1. Aweber - Faster email growth, email marketing tools, and industry leading deliverability.
      23. Campaign Monitor - Create, send, and measure beautiful emails.
      24. Constant Contact - Create professional looking emails, customizable templates, real time reporting, and extend reach with social media integration.
      25. Emma - Personalized services, guides to creating CTAs, grow your email lists, and email performance indicator.
      26. GetResponse - World's easiest email marketing
      27. MailChimp - Send better email.
      28. dotmailer - Email marketing, marketing experts to deliver extra marketing help, easy onboarding, campaign management, and custom integration.
      29. ExpressPigeon - Email marketing tool, make emails automatically responsive, compatible with all browsers, segments your email list personalize your email.

Help Your Customers Succeed

It's a buyer's world and customers now have much more of the power in deciding what services they choose to purchase. It's now your job to show potential and current customers how they can be most successful at what they are trying to accomplish and with the services you provide. Some of the best relationships can be built with customers in determining their success, so how can you do that? Here are some tools that can help:

    1. HappyFox - Customer support, practical helpdesk software, cloud based, and customizable.

    1. Desk.com - Support desk for small businesses.

    1. HelpScout - Web-based help desk designed for a great customer experience.

    1. Zendesk - Customer service and support ticket software.

    1. Totango - Customer success platform with customized ROI metrics.

    1. Gainsight - Customer success for the enterprise.
      36. Freshdesk - Customer service tool, ticketing to ensure every problem gets solved, and team inbox so you can collaborate to resolve issues
      37. Ticksy - Customer support tool and time saving customer support

Find Relevant Content to Share with Your Network

Here at Contactually, we understand the value that you must add to your network in order to start getting any returns. So, what are some of the ways you can add value to your relationships? By finding relevant, to your network, content to share out. Here are some tools you can do that with:

    1. InsideView - Aggregates and curates all the company and contact data, news and social insights, and professional connections you need to do business better.

    1. Newsle - Gives updates when a contact is in the news.

    1. Buzzsumo - Find the most shared content and key influencers.

    1. Nuzzel - News from your friends.

Network Better

Sometimes meeting new people can be difficult, especially if you can't find these networking events or keep track of the ones you plan on attending. Take a look at some of these tools that can make it easier to network better and to double the size of your network:

    1. Roger - Networking tool to help exchange information, remember where, when, and why you met.
      43. Hachi - Hachi unlocks the power of your network spread over multiple networks like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. And, it finds the most likely-to-succeed introductions for you.
      44. Grip - Fast networking tool and communities to join for networking.
      45. Weave Concierge - networking for professionals, new professional meetings every friday at 10 am.

Put Together Events

Just as it's a challenge to keep track of the relevant networking events, but putting together a networking event is definitely a different type of challenge. Keep the signup page, attendance, and tickets in a digital and automated space, so that nothing falls through the cracks or becomes a manual headache. Look at these options:

    1. Eventbrite - Event hosting tool, create and event, post the event, check people into the event, scan tickets, many different type of potential events to hold and promote.

    1. Splash - Create a responsive event site, for mobile and web, email marketing, sell tickets, collect RSVPs, allows guests to live stream video of the event, and check in when they get there.
      48. nvite - The world's first attendee-focused events platform.
      49. LaunchTrack - Event planing app that lets you connect with customers and contacts.

Organize Reminders

At any given moment, if I look down at my desk, I can spot at least 3+ to-do lists reminding me of tasks that I need to complete. Recently, I've moved over to an app that can be viewed on any of my devices at any given moment. I'll still use my hand-written to-do lists, but having a version of the list always with me ensures that I get things done (Like remembering to call my mom or any other relationship that requires upkeep for the day). Here are some of our favorites:

    1. Later Reminders - Schedule reminders, easy scheduling, not many buttons to press, no frills.
      51. Wunderlist - List creation and list sharing, set reminders, create task lists, collaborate with others, access it from various devices
      52. Remember the Milk - Task manager
      53. Todoist - To-do list managing tool
      54. Awesome Note - All in one organizer, combine notes and to do lists, use everything on one intuitive interface.
      55. any.do - To do list that is sharable with others you are connected to.
      56. 2Do - Make to do lists, a quick way to make note of your thoughts, add tags to your tasks.
      57. Handle - Merges your email, to do list, and calendar to help you be more organized.
      58. Evernote - Note taking app that integrates across devices, syncs automatically between phone and computer, and helps you organize daily tasks.

Set Up Meetings

How can you hold the best meetings that engage with contacts, colleagues, or potential customers, so that everyone walks away with something valuable? Well, the first step is to set up the meeting properly during a time that works for everyone. Check out these platforms to set up those awesome meetings:

    1. Google Hangouts - Video conferencing through Google, messaging and video calls, and voice calls.
      60. GoToMeeting - Personal meeting room, share screen, video conferencing, mobile friendly, attendees can share screen too, integrate calendar, recordings to send to whoever missed the meeting.

    1. BlueJeans - Video conferencing made easy, interactive video conferencing, cloud based services, meeting recording.
      62. Pick - Schedule time with businesses and personal contacts, compares calendars, and suggests the best times to meet.
      63. ScheduleOnce - Scheduling service, accept appointments, different types of meetings possible, tandem personal calendars.
      64. UberConference - Meeting collaboration, screen sharing, no PIN required, can call through the app.
      65. Apptoto - Appointment/reminder and messaging service, works with your calendar, attaches your contacts to your calendar, tells clients to confirm their appointments.
      66. Sunrise - Calendar organization app, connects with your other apps to dowload information
      67. Sunsama - App that schedules for you, plans meeting times and improves focus through organization
      68. Join.me - Meeting tool designed for specific uses.
      69. Mobilimeet - Make your business meetings more efficient, productive, and organized.

Write the Best Content

There are millions of blog posts, articles, tweets, Facebook posts, and almost a limitless amount of pieces of content online now. Rather than just producing pieces of content, now the challenge is to create the best pieces of content. Content is one of the main drivers in forming relationships that will drive results for your business. What are the tools you can you use to write the best pieces of content to connect with your most important relationships? We have some right here:

    1. Hemingway - Helps you shorten your language and edit your writing for more clear, concise language.
      71. Free Summarizer - Enter text and the site will summarize the text for you.
      72. Loose Leaf - Easily edit and write on photos or blank white pages.

Contact Management

You have contacts on your phone, email, social media networks, and a few other places. Do you find that it becomes a little unorganized to have all of these people in different places? Check out these contact management systems to keep your contacts in one place and organized:

    1. FullContact - Merge your contacts, clean up formatting and automatically merge duplicates.

    1. CircleBack - Accurate contact management with artificial intelligence and community-based learning.
      75. Brewster - Puts all of your contacts into one place from multiple devices
      76. COVVE - Organize and privately share your address book with your contacts, creating a curated network of warm leads.

Continuous Productivity

I think if I were to gather intelligence on articles that I read mostly over the course of the year, I would find that I read many things on how to be productive. And with those articles, I've tried a number of techniques and tools and my style is still evolving. One thing I did learn though, everyone has a different formula for productivity and it isn't a one size fits all. Staying productive does correlate with having productive relationships, so take some of these tools for a spin:

    1. RescueTime - Time management software, shows you how much time was spent on different sites to give you an accurate picture of the day.
      78. Promodoro.cc - Productivity timer based on the Promodoro timing technique.
      79. One Tab - Convert all of your tabs from Google Chrome into one tab.

    1. The Great Suspender - Lightweight chrome extension to help reduce chrome's memory footprint for users that like to have too many tabs open at the same time.

    1. Limitless - Productivity add-on that lets you organize a new internet browser screen so you can document all distractions.
      82. StandUp Mail - Evening email where you record what you did during the day and send it to who you work with to keep everyone on task.
      83. Remotive - Productivity tool for people who work remotely.

Automate It

Everyone has to start somewhere and those starting tasks may require a lot of manual lift at first. However, as soon as you can automate some of the flow you'll be able to add a level of insurance, so nothing falls through the cracks and you'll be able to see sound results. There are also many other benefits to automation, including scalability and many companies, no matter the size, can harness the power of automation. Check out some of these options below:

    1. Hubspot - Inbound marketing and sales software.

    1. Autopilot - Easy-to-use software for multi-channel marketing automation.

    1. Leadsius - SMB marketing automation solution.

    1. Zapier - Connect the apps you use, automate tasks, and get more out of your data.

    1. IFTTT - Create simple connections between the products you use every day.

Monitor What is Happening with Your Connections

Understanding your connections can be a hard task and it's even harder now that your relationships can be found on many different networks. You can use these tools below to stay top of mind with all of your contacts and keep tabs on the relevant events in your network:

    1. Mention - Listen to what is being said on the web to react quickly, collaborate, analyze data, and monitor in real time.

    1. Encore Alert - Identifies key mentions and trends in real time and prompts you to act when it counts most.

    1. Shoutlet - Social marketing to drive value and acquire data.

    1. SproutSocial - Social communications tool and shows opportunities to engage in social conversations.

    1. Topsy - Twitter search, monitoring, and analytics.

    1. Spredfast - Smarter social media, insights, reach bigger audiences, inspire audience participation, curate relevant social content.

    1. Viralheat - Monitor conversations across social media and analyze the data collected.
      96. Triggerfox - Updates on contacts. Lets you know what they have done and cuts out the pointless information notifications when someone in your network mentions something relevant to you.
      97. Simplist - Analyze your company's social footprint to generate weekly reports on leads, opportunities, and high value email segments.

Schedule Social Media Posts

People are on different social media platforms at all hours of the day. Although email may be your main form of communication, you'll still use social media to stay in touch with your relationships as well. To ensure that you are always connected, test out some of these tools to schedule the best content for your audience:

    1. Buffer - Sharing tool to publish on social media.
      99. Hootsuite - Social media management.
      100. Tweetdeck - Organize timelines, keep track of information, segment your timelines based on content, track tweets, hashtags, and trending topics.
      101. Tiempy - Schedule posts for social media.

Curate Great Content to Share with Your Connections

Because there is now so much content, how do you curate the best content to share with your connections. We have a few options below, so check them out:

    1. AppSumo - Share apps and products to help benefit your company.
      103. Feedly - Tool to gather content and help you gain further insights into a topic.
      104. Inc - Easily share links, notes, files, and have discussions inside your team or company.
      105. Pocket - Save things you want to view later.

Produce Interactive Media

Videos, filtered images, infographics, animated graphics, oh my! Content no longer has to be straight up text, instead there are tools we can use to create interactive media to really engage with your contacts in an innovative and meaningful way. Take a look at these ones:

    1. Canva - Online designer tool.

    1. Illustria - Design on demand and the convenience of in-house design but online.
      108. Slideshare - Create slides, knowledge sharing tool, presentation sharing.
      109. Litmus - Test and track your emails. You'll be able to see if your emails can actually make it effectively into someone's inbox.
      110. Macropost - Take and edit pictures, then post them to social media.
      111. BombBomb - Build better relationships with video in your email.
      112. frame.io - Video collaboration application, easier to communicate ideas with video, keeps you organized with easy view displays.

Track the Revenue of Your Relationships

You should know by now how valuable your relationships are, but do you know how much revenue they're driving. Try out some of these below to see the true ROI:

    1. First Officer - Reduce churn, stripe analytics for SaaS, see when and why growth is stopping.

    1. ChartMogul - Analytics for master your recurring revenue.

    1. InsightSquared - The #1 Salesforce Analytics app for data-driven business executives and their teams.
      116. Control - Manage, monitor, and measure your payments from anywhere.

Stay On Top of Your Inbox

Inbox Zero is like this mythical creature that only comes around when you first open your email account and a few other times in your lifetime. It can be perceived as a good and bad thing that is dependent on how you manage your email. Staying on top of your inbox should be a priority, since email will be one of the main forms of communication you have with your contacts. Check out these tools to do that:

    1. Sanebox - Prioritizes your emails, helps you organize your inbox, summarizes less important emails.
      118. Unroll.me - Unsubscribe from emails with just one click, combine subscriptions into one email, choose what time you recieve the emails.
      119. Inbox Pause - Take a break from email.
      120. Boomerang - Delay or resend messages that matter the most from your inbox.
      121. Hubspot Sales - Contact insight in your inbox, receive profiles in your inbox, see who opens and clicks on your emails, schedule emails for later.


There are several tools that were hard for us to categorize. Some of these below operate in two zones and perhaps, don't fit the mold of some of the categories above. This does not mean that they aren't any less useful in bettering your relationships. Take a look at these:

    1. Bitly - Link shortener.

    1. Enger - Send bulk personalized texts and emails to stay in touch with your contacts.

    1. WebHook - Custom CMS for your website.

    1. Bond - Write handwritten notes.

    1. graphpaper - Business crisis management tool, lets people in the company chime in on issues

    1. Intercom - Direct communication with your customers from inside your app.

    1. ramen.is - Allows product managers to interact with their customers.
      130. FancyHands - Virtual assistants to help you with your online tasks, integrate schedule, email, and Facebook to keep you on top of your schedule.
      131. Skitch - Evernote application, make your ideas a reality faster with sketches and automation in your notes.
      132. Olark - See what your customers are doing and what is in their shopping cart, chat with users easily in your browser.
      133. Rapportive - Internet plug-in to find people's email addresses on Linkedin through email services.

Which tool or platform is right for you?

There are a lot of tools here, so did you find any that work for you? Even if you did you could use this list as a directory for other tools and things you may need in the future. For daily, updated lists of products across every purpose, check out Product Hunt.

Although, we have a relationship management platform of choice (hint hint...it's us, Contactually), we use a variety of these tools and found that having several in our toolkit can help us excel in our relationships.

Let us know below which tools you end up trying and ones you may already use! Or have platform or tool that should have made this list, put it in the comments!

PS. If you are looking to better your relationships, you don't have to look any further...take Contactually for a free 30-day spin below!