November 08, 2016

The Best Tweets from NAR Annual 2016


This year, Team Contactually headed to the National Association of Realtor's annual conference in sunny Orlando, Florida. They spread the good word of Contactually, shared laughs with customers and new friends alike over playing the real life Bucket Game and even made a side trip to nearby Harry Potter World. It was overwhelmingly successful and the team back at Contactually HQ in DC was understandably jealous. Luckily, we were able to follow along the adventure on Twitter with #NARAnnual, which garnered thousands and thousands of tweets over the course of this year's conference.

Okay you're right, we can't possibly grab all the best of the best tweets that went out over the 4 day conference, but we've curated some of our favorites here. One of the most impressive aspects of the conference? The Gen Z panel that NAR put together to talk about how they view real estate and how they like to communicate. As the up-and-coming generation, having a better understanding of them will help to further inform future marketing and communications campaigns. And as always, social media was a major theme and top of mind for many of the panelists and Realtors in attendance.

Tweets from #NARAnnual2016:

Contactually's picks of the top tweets:

What did we miss?

Give us a shout @Contactually or send over your favorite moments from #NARAnnual 2016 and let us know what your big takeaways were from the conference and what the future of Real Estate is looking like. For those of you who missed out like some of us over here at Contactually, be sure to do some Twitter searching yourself and click through on the folks we shared above. They were all super active throughout the conference and provided some great updates and insights you can still take a look at.

Did you see Team Contactually at NAR Annual? Did our photographer snag a pic of you while he was roaming around? We've got the entire collection of photos here, be sure to look for your smiles!