March 13, 2013

The Address Book is Dead; Long Live Relationships


Take a look at your desk at home or work -- how many business cards do you see?

Our goal at Contactually is to build the perfect business relationship manager.

One that will actively help you stay organized and engaged with your most important relationships, knowing which of your contacts you're falling out of touch with, who you need to stay top of mind with that day, and what you should say with that contact. We built it knowing that our contacts are already online, whether they be in our e-mail, in Google Contacts, in Outlook, in Salesforce, or on Facebook.

But there's one big problem: our contacts are a mess. My phone has college friends I haven't spoken to in eight years, my e-mail contacts still has the HR manager from three jobs ago, and LinkedIn has pretty much every professional I ever was in proximity with (online or offline). Figuring out who my "real" contacts are, therefore, was a problem we needed to solve.

So we had to build one of the smartest address books out there. We automatically grab contacts from everything you use. We know who you're talking to and when. We gather intelligent intelligence on each contact in an increasing number of ways. We de-duplicate and merge. We show you everything, let you add notes, categorize, tag, search, sync with other tools, and share with your team. We launched an API, so any other tool you use can access your information. People love our address book.

But here's the secret: We're not trying to build an address book.

An address book, at it's core, is just a list of contacts. A spreadsheet. Throw as many features as you can at it, and at the end of the day it's a place where information is stored. Useful? Absolutely. But it's a small part of your arsenal. And having every contact on your phone won't sell you more widgets. You won't sleep better at night knowing that every person that matters to you is stored in one place. An address book is better, but not much different, than that stack of business cards sitting somewhere on your desk.

Does the perfect address book solve any problems? NO!

The address book is a commodity -- Google, Apple, and Microsoft, they give it for free. Our free version of Contactually lets you have as many contacts as you want.

What you need is to build awesome relationships to grow your business.

So let's take that address book, and do something with it. Let's identify the most important people in it. Let's tell you about what's important to them, what's happening in their lives, and what they're talking about, with you and with others. Let's stay engaged with them. Let's know what to say and when. Let's make sure they never forget you. Close more business. Get more referrals. Discover more opportunities.

Welcome to Contactually.