August 24, 2017

Success in Real Estate is Rooted in Relationships, with Eddie Berenbaum


In the Washington, D.C. area there are hundreds of real estate brokerages. But the Century 21 Redwood Brokerage, lead by my guest Eddie Berenbaum is one of the most successful. The primary reason it’s successful is that from the leadership down through the ranks, relationships are at the center of everything they do.

In this episode, Eddie tells how they’ve been able to infuse that understanding and practice into the company DNA, and what it means to the brokerage’s ability to experience true success in real estate. It's a great conversation you'll glean a lot of good practices from.

Success in real estate only happens when you’ve built a relationship with a real person. 

When I asked Eddie Berenbaum why relationships are so important to his Century 21 Redwoods team, he said that real estate success is predicated on relationships with real people. Somewhere in the process of any successful real estate transaction, a person has been impacted by you in a positive way and trust has been established. And we all know that trust is one of the key components to any business being done. Eddie’s generous sharing on this episode is an example of what makes him such a successful broker/owner. You’ll want to hear what he has to teach you, so be sure to listen.

Referrals are the best kind of lead generation - and they only happen through relationships.

In any business, the enthusiastic referral of a happy client or customer is like money in the bank. It instantly builds a level of trust for you or your team like nothing else can. That kind of referral happens when your clients experience your care and concern for them - not just in how you serviced them but also in how you treated them in the process. Eddie Berenbaum speaks to the importance of relationships in real estate success on this episode. You’ll find his experience and advice applicable to your particular business as well.

Successful real estate agents understand the value of keeping up with past clients.

You’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of follow up so much that you’re sick of hearing it. But there’s a reason you hear it said so much: it’s really true. The difference it makes is incalculable. Eddie Berenbaum says that successful real estate agents make a habit of following-up with their clients, not only after the completion of a transaction but on an ongoing basis. That’s because the client is more than a means to an end, they are a person who the agent truly cares about. And when you care, you stay in touch. Find out how his agents use software and intention to care for those they serve, on this episode of Real Relationships.

Nurturing relationships with team members yields amazing and unexpected benefits.

When I asked Eddie Berenbaum how nurturing relationships with his team has helped them find success in real estate he said the practice of team-based relationship-building does things he never expected. For example, as a team leader, he regularly checks in with his team members on a personal level to keep the relationship fresh. One result of doing so is that when a team member reaches out to him at a time when he is unable to respond, his delay in responding is not taken negatively. In other words, he’s given the benefit of the doubt when he can’t respond right away because he's proved his concern for them in the past. That’s just one of the unforeseen benefits of nurturing team relationships that you’ll hear Eddie share on this episode.

Outline of this great episode

[0:43] Why I invited Eddie Berenbaum to be on this episode.
[2:11] Why success in Real Estate is predicated on relationships.
[6:03] How Eddie manages the relationships within his broker team, lovingly pushing them to grow.
[11:17] The most non-obvious but important thing to build relationships and success in real estate.
[16:23] How the Redwoods team works together to foster success in relationships.
[18:40] Why giving to the community is an integral part of what Eddie’s brokerage does.

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