January 09, 2017

[SLIDESHARE] The Importance of Lead Validation


Is Your Lead Generation Marketing a House of Sand?

Lead validation is the incredibly important process of separating online sales leads from other website conversions, by reviewing all form submissions and listening to recordings of phone inquiries generated by marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, email, etc.).

If you aren't validating leads -- and the vast majority of companies and real estate agents are not -- you are basing your marketing investment decisions and campaign testing on faulty data. By using faulty data, you are very likely overspending on underperforming campaigns, and "improving" them in ways that make them worse.

Because lead validation is so poorly understood, we created the in-depth presentation below, The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing. We think it will help you set up your lead generation campaigns on a solid foundation, with the result being many more leads and a much higher quality of leads.

Check it out below:

Importance of Lead Validation Study by SEO service company, Straight North.