August 10, 2017

Self Management Skills That Build Vital Relationships with Mike Muhney


Many people talk about relationship management these days, but Mike Muhney prefers to talk about self-management and the skills it takes to ensure that you are good in relationships. I had a great time chatting with Mike for this episode of Real Relationships.

He's such a down-to-earth, practically oriented guy who has been building great relationships with people for decades.

His insights into what it takes to build the self-management skills that set you up for great relationships are invaluable. Be sure you take the time to listen.

Relationships are about how you show people you care about them.

One of the reasons Mike Muhney first decided to be part of a team that would go on to create the first CRM - ACT! CRM - was because he saw how technology was going to make it possible for average people to become more organized and intentional in the way they cared for others. To him, relationships are about showing people that you care about them, and you can't do that well if your connections with them are random or hit and miss. In this conversation, Mike mentions a lot of great tips but one of the best is that the self-management skills required to build good relationships are worth developing. They will serve you for years to come.

CRM software for people who are not in sales - Vipor.

Mike often refers to his newest software venture - Vipor - as un-CRM. What he means is that it's not the typical CRM software package that tracks relationships for the sake of following up, making a sale, handling customer service, etc. It's purely about the people involved in the relationship and how you as the software user can facilitate a deeper connection with others simply because you care. Find out more about Vipor and the tips Mike gives for using any CRM solution, on this episode of Real Relationships.

Relationships are investments. If you treat them as investments they will reward you.

Relationships need to be taken seriously because they are important and they don't provide what they should if you neglect them. Mike Muhney says that relationships are like investments. You care for them, you assess how they are progressing, you do your very best to provide exactly what they need to keep growing. That's how you glean the benefits of good relationships and how to pursue other people in ways that really matter. Find out more about relationship skills from Mike, on this episode.

If you want to build good relationships you have to learn how to be likable.

When I asked my guest, Mike Muhney for one not-so-obvious but vital tip for building good relationships he said that you have to learn how to be likable. It's the likability factor that enables you to move past the first awkward stages of any relationship. It begins with a smile, a firm handshake, and a genuine interest in others. Mike has so much experience building great relationships and he shares quite a few gold nuggets about self-management skills that are required to build good relationships on this episode. Don't miss these great insights from a master relationship builder.

Outline of this great episode

    • [0:36] Mike's story as co-creator of ACT! CRM and how it got its name.

    • [3:51] What made Mike leave IBM to create a CRM solution like Act!

    • [6:24] Before apps existed, how was CRM done?

    • [8:21] Why ViporPlus is called the "un-CRM."

    • [13:36] The challenges of getting people to adopt an un-CRM.

    • [17:29] How the average person should transition to any CRM app.

    • [20:00] The one non-obvious trait of people who are good with relationships.

    • [23:51] The one connection that has impacted Mike the most.

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