October 31, 2016

Seasonal Email Templates to be Grateful For This Fall


Here at Contactually we talk a lot about Email Templates. What are they? At Contactually we like to think of Email Templates as a pre-written message. Below is Webster's online definition of a template.

Template: noun * tem*plate * \'tem-pl@t\

computers : a computer document that has the basic format of something (such as a business letter, chart, graph, etc.) and that can be used many different times.

But what the Webster's definition leaves out is the value that Email Templates can add to a user's life. You may underestimate or brush off the idea of utilizing a pre-written email template as an less-personalized approach to your email and messaging outreach. But, we're here to argue that using an email template is one of the best ways to start your outreach process and gives you solid base from which to start building those very personal emails and messages to your network.

3 Reasons to Use Holiday Email Templates:

Why Use Email Templates?

1. Email Templates help with efficiency. Let's say you want to wish 100 contacts a "Happy Halloween!" Can you imagine how long it would take to write that email FIFTY times? Besides carpal tunnel making an appearance into your wrists, who has the time to do that? Email templates allow you to send a personal and individualized email without having to type it out over and over again. Your hands and wrists will thank us if your clock doesn't!

2. Email Templates help you with what to say. Often times people recognize they need to communicate with a contact in order to stay top of mind, but, they are not sure what to say. This has happened to all of us, including myself. Email templates remove that block so you can quickly send a sweet and simple message to your contacts without overthinking it.

3. Email Templates, most importantly, help with your relationships. The worst kind of email is the one you don't send. We're all busy. We're tired. We're distracted. All these things prevent us from reaching out to our contacts. If you say "I'll reach out to them tomorrow" you may be missing your chance at a client. Email Templates help eliminate the barriers to sending an email.

I've heard from many, many users that it would be helpful to have seasonal templates to send to clients. And we heard you! In the Seasonal section of the Template Library, you'll find 5 new templates: 3 Halloween and 2 Daylight Savings. This folder will be updated as each new holiday approaches so keep your eyes peeled for a Thanksgiving template announcement.

Start Template-ing!

To find those email templates, click to the Email Templates tab at the top of your account. From here, click the blue button in the top right corner that says "Add from library". Then choose the folder on the left hand side of the screen that says "Seasonal". Preview the templates, select the ones you want, click Add, and they are added into your account!