January 02, 2014

Scale Mail: Start Off the New Year with 'Hello'

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Happy New Year from the Contactually family! We hope 2013 was as incredible for you as it was for us, and we wish you the best in 2014.

One thing we'd like to do is make 2014 the year of building relationships. Not just building new ones, but also building upon the ones you have. And as a Contactually user, if you're looking to do just that, sending New Years well wishes to anyone in your network is a great way to kick things off.

Don't worry about doing the hard work -- we have a template in the Contactually Library you can use right away to send to one person or to many people using the scale mail feature.

Step 1: Head to the Contactually Library

Step 2: Add the template to your account

Step 3: Select those you want to message


Step 4: Send message and be happy

Got it? Happy sending!