March 09, 2017

Relationships First Then The Business Will Follow, with Krisstina Wise


"Relationships First" sounds like a great mantra to live by - and most of us would probably say that we agree with it. But my guest today is a woman who's truly proven how seriously she takes the idea. Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, coach, and creator of several multi-million dollar businesses and her forte in all of those things is the focus on people that makes the relationships she has real.

Some of those lead to business, some don't - but Krisstina's ideal is to be curious about the people, the life they live, and how she can contribute to the enrichment of their experience. It's that kind of concern and care that sets her apart and makes her an ideal guest for this show. You'll enjoy Krisstina's enthusiasm and insights, so be sure you listen.

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The reason that relationships come first - even before the bottom line.

What Krisstina Wise has discovered through all of her success is that relationships are what fuel success. You can know all the answers when it comes to business strategy but if you don't have the relational savvy to really connect with people, your bottom line will suffer and your life will be less fulfilling. On this episode, Krisstina shares how she developed a "realtionships first" mindset, the benefits she's seen flow out of it, and how you can adjust your thinking and approach to make people first in your life and business.

The other stuff is great but people are what matters.

It's wonderful to make six, seven, or eight figures a year. It's great to build a successful business that rises to the top of your particular niche. It's wonderful to be the top selling real estate agent in your company. But if you haven't cared for people on the way up the ladder you've missed one of the primary reasons you are on the planet. And just as important, you've missed the personal satisfaction you could have received by being a blessing to the people around you. Krisstina Wise is the perfect person to help you see how important it is to slow down and care for the people in your life in both your personal and business worlds. She shares her experience on this episode.
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Why you need to think of the people behind the leads and revenue.

Many of the metrics we pay attention to in business drive our decisions about strategy, size of our teams, expenses, and more. That's very appropriate. But how would those decisions change or at least look different if we first considered that every one of the numbers we deal with represents a person? Would your decisions be laced with care as a result? Would your financial decisions be moderated by compassion? It's a powerful thing to think about, but even more powerful to apply. People will be impacted for the better as a result. Find out more about the power of putting relationships first from my guest today, Krisstina Wise, on this episode.

How dare you think you can pitch me if you don't know who I am or what I need?

One of the spots in this conversation where my guest, Krisstina Wise got a bit hot under the collar was when I asked her about the role relationships play in the way we go about everday business activities, such as marketing. She quickly pointed out that a pitch apart from a relationship is one of the rudest things we can do. If we try to sell something without knowledge about the person we are pitching, we're going to miss the most important thing - the needs they have and whether or not we are able to meet them effectively. You can hear Krisstina's passion as she responds to my question - and you'll gain a ton of value from her passion as you come to understand why she takes a 'relationships first" attitude.
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Outline of this great episode

    • [0:39] My introduction of today's guest, Krisstina Wise.

    • [1:40] Why Krisstina is such an open book about her own struggles and tricks.

    • [4:00] Why relationships are the vital part of what Krisstina does in all her ventures.

    • [6:41] The odd dichotomy between professional and personal relationships.

    • [10:19] How Krisstina's passion for relationships has come from her own need.

    • [17:14] The issues that led Krisstina to begin her efforts with Wealthy Wealthy.

    • [26:40] The mindsets that uphold success in life and business.

    • [32:20] The key relationships that have made the biggest impact in Krisstina's life.

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