April 06, 2015

10 Metrics to Measure Your Relationships [CHEAT SHEET]


When I was teaching a Digital Marketing course at General Assembly, one of the subjects we put a lot of focus on was metrics, KPIs, and goals. Being able to differentiate between the three was important, but most importantly, we stressed that they needed to measure their marketing activities in the first place for success.

Marketers aren't alone in measuring the success of what they practice, in just about every function and vertical, there are metrics that professionals must use in order to identify positive (or negative) achievement. But it doesn't stop at function and vertical, metrics must also be used in determining how your relationships are performing.

Measuring your relationships can be tricky and identifying the right metrics to measure can be even more difficult. Which is why we're hear to help. We've identified 6 metrics to start with, but in this cheat sheet below we've come up with several more that you'll need to use to see if your business relationships are truly successful.

Here are some sneak peek questions into what the Relationship Metrics Cheat Sheet will answer:

    • What are the top 10 metrics you should measure for your relationships?

    • How do you measure these metrics?

    • Are there any supplemental resources?

Want to start measuring for the success of your relationships? Download the cheat sheet below!