June 19, 2015

Register Today: Upcoming Contactually Webinars


Over the last year we've held many webinars and office hours to make sure we are giving you all the content you need to build better relationships. And because we've found that these webinars work for you all, we're about to bring you even more for the rest of 2015. From Real Estate specific webinars to webinars that can help you drive more referrals, we've got what you need and the best content you can soak up in the hour timespan that the webinar occurs.

Check out what we have below and you can find all of our webinar recordings here on our training site.

Here's what's coming up for Contactually webinars:

Week of June 22nd - 26th

Speak to Share: The Best Ways To Engage With Your Webinars with the Roos Cohen Group

Thursday, June 25th at 1pm EST
Description: One of the most important things that any business leaders must do is engage with their audiences, putting forward their unique voice, and offering services that meet the compelling needs and desires of their audience. So how can a business communicate voice, messages and a brand, engaging different audiences throughout the sales cycle? Join us for this webinar on engaging meaningfully and soulfully with any audience
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Week of June 29th - July 3rd

The Secret to Lead Conversion Success: Using CRM + Video to Dominate Your Sales with BombBomb

Wednesday, July 1st at 2:30pm EST
Description: The masterminds at Contactually and BombBomb have been observing the biggest technology trends in the real estate industry and came up with a secret recipe for lead conversion: using a CRM as your brain for the sales process, and personalized video as your heart that helps you dominate your sales.
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Top Tools to Engage Your Prospects & Close More Sales with Encore Alert

Thursday, July 2nd at 2pm EST
Description: We're partnering with our friends at Encore Alert to walk through best practices and top tools you can use to better engage your prospects and close more business.We're going to really get in the weeds in this webinar, so come ready to move fast and leave with a clear action plan to implement right away.
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Week of July 6th - 12th

Week of July 13th - 17th

How The Best Companies Build Rapport With Their Customers with HappyFox

Tuesday, July 14th at 1pm EST
Description: Customers now have the ability to connect with a brand and company at all hours of the day and through whatever channel is easiest for them. How can a company anticipate a customer's needs before the customers ask? What kinds of relationships can a brand build in order to solidify a impactful and longterm commitment with customers? And ultimately, how do the best companies build great rapport with their customers? Join Contactually and HappyFox in this webinar that outlines how companies can build the best relationships with their customers.
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How to Nurture Your Web Leads with Chris Hamilton

Wednesday, July 15th at 1pm EST
Description:Not all leads are created equal. Some potential customers are ready to buy right away, but most are still early in the buy cycle and may not close for 6 months or more. This is true for most leads, but particularly true for online leads. In this webinar, sales expert Chris Hamilton will walk you through how you can attract more online leads and -- better still -- effectively nurture those leads to increase your close rate by 20% or more.
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Past Webinars

How Top Realtors Nurture Their Network & Get More Referrals with Homekeepr

Wednesday, June 24th at 1pm EST
Description: The best Realtors generate over 80% of their business from referrals. They've developed systems and best practices for consistently attracting referrals from past clients and other referrals partners, and they've grown their businesses tremendously as a result. In this webinar, we're partnering with our friends at HomeKeepr to walk through the specific tactics the best Realtors use.
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We'll be adding to this every week and once a webinar is over, we'll also include the recording link. Let us know in the comments below which webinars you've gone to and which ones you'd like to see more of!