March 21, 2016

The 7 Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow Today


How often do you turn to your peers for advice when it comes to handling a tough client or when you're looking for ideas to market a new listing? More often than not, we're collaborating and working with our co-workers, even if it's just bouncing ideas off of each other. But how often have you gone online and taken a look at what industry blogs have to say about the matter?

It's worth having your go-to blogs bookmarked and at the ready for the next question you may have when it comes to the real estate world. So, before you go and Google your question, you may want to check out one of these blogs and see what the industry leaders and influencers have to say about it. It's like asking your co-workers for advice, except you've got the best of the real estate world at your fingertips and ready to answer any questions you may have!

Read on for our favorite real estate blogs to follow...

1. GeekEstate

This one is chock-full of compelling and on-point content for you to keep up with. Even better? The long list of contributing authors and writers means that the blog is constantly up to date and posting new articles everyday. From helpful hints on the best times to post ads on Craigslist or share articles on Facebook, to updates on the latest technology and how to use it, you're guaranteed to find some tidbit you'll find useful or strategy to implement as you market your latest listings.

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2. Housing Views

Looking for data? This is the place for you. Run by Standard and Poor's rating service, the Housing Views blog dives deep into data and is sure to back up any hunches you may have when it comes to the housing market. Articles span the gamut, and the writers are as esteemed as the US Deputy Chief Economist and the Chairman of the Index Committee. Nothing like going straight to the source, when you're looking for your statistics, right?

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3. Movoto

The real estate search engine's blog provides you with all the ideas and details about homes that you may not have ever thought of before. But, don't you want to be the go-to real estate agent that has all the answers? From tips on home and pet safety, to small changes that increase the value of houses, their articles are quick reads that pack a punch. Plus, Movoto provides great localized articles for cities all over the country. We all know what it's like to be faced with a question from a client that you don't know the answer to, don't get stuck in that situation again by doing your research ahead of time here!

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4. Inman

Now, we can't look at the best real estate blogs without giving a shout out to Inman. Inman News is the top industry source for real estate news and their blog isn't one you'll want to miss out on. You can even filter articles by what city or area you're in and learn everything from the general commute times to updates on up-and-coming neighborhoods. While you have to pay for a subscription to their premium content, their free blog content is updated nearly everyday, giving you insights on marketing tips and easy to browse lists with advice and how-to's for today's Realtor.

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5. Trulia

While Trulia's blog isn't necessarily geared toward the real estate agent, rather it's audience is the home buyers and those on the market for a home, it doesn't mean it's not a great resource for you as an agent! First, it can give you a good idea of what your future clients and customers may be looking for or even wondering about, and second it's the resource for you to have the answers when they inevitably ask you those questions. Take a look through their recent articles and glean some wisdom for the next time your clients ask your opinion on home staging and remodeling.

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6. RETipster

The leading real estate investment blog, RETipster offers up resources, articles and tips on how to be successful in the real estate world as both an investor, buyer, and agent. Seth Williams, the founder, has the simple goal of sharing his insights on how to best invest in real estate...on a part time basis. Now we know this isn't agent specific, but aren't you intrigued? There are plenty of buyers out there who have full time jobs and also invest in real estate as a side business. As it grows more and more popular, you'll want a pulse on that community and how you can best tap into them and talk their talk. Seth's blog is the best source for you to understand what they're looking for and how you can reach them.

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7. Lighter Side of Real Estate

Last but not least, the fun real estate blog, because everyone needs a quick break (or two) throughout the day for a giggle. It's not all jokes though, think of it as the BuzzFeed of the real estate world, and there's plenty of handy information tucked away in between all the real estate humor. From the coolest and strangest home designs to before and after shots of houses in renovation, the Lighter Side is one to keep on your go-to blog list.

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Find your following

You have your office friends and you know who to go to when you need advice, now add these blogs to your arsenal and you'll be an unstoppable real estate force! Don't discredit the information you can glean from industry related blogs. Plus, you can get to know the writers and founders behind the blogs by giving them a follow or quick shout out on Twitter or social media. It's an easy win for boosting your network and online presence and adding your voice to the greater conversation!