May 16, 2012

Product Updates - May 2012

It's funny to think that a year ago today, I first wrote down the idea for Contactually, a Proactive CRM that would help manage your relationships. It's been an amazing ride so far, and I thank all of you for joining us.

With that milestone in mind, I'm happy to share another milestone with you: Tomorrow, Contactually will be launching publicly, open for anyone to sign up and start using immediately. Tomorrow is the time to tell your coworkers and colleagues about Contactually, and how it's made a difference for you.

Wondering how others are using Contactually? Take a look at some of the case studies we're gathering.

Zvi and the Contactually Team

Track when people e-mail you, automatically updating contact information

Up until now, we've shown you the messages that you send. Many of you have asked that we also show the messages that you receive from your contact. Just click on Settings, then click the checkbox next to "I want Contactually to track incoming messages from my contacts."

Once you enable that, you'll see one of our bigger features! Check off "Update my contact record with their signature" and whenever one of your contacts e-mails you, we'll automatically look at their e-mail signature and update their contact record in Contactually appropriately (title, company, phone, etc). Just by doing your normal e-mail, you can build and maintain a rich address book. Set it up today!

Contactually for Gmail/Google Apps

Our mission has always been about helping you improve your relationships while taking as little time out of your day as possible. In the past, we've made it easy for you to manage your contacts and follow up with the right person via our web dashboard and by e-mailing you every morning. With our newest tool, you can now see and respond to your follow-ups, and bucket your contacts, right in Gmail.

Download Contactually for Chrome now (additional browsers coming soon), or watch a video on it.

Use something other than Gmail for e-mail? Don't worry, we're rolling out more solutions in the very near future.


What were we talking about? View a message right in Contactually.

When reconnecting with a contact, it's helpful to review past messages to remind you of the current relationship. Now, when you click on the subject line of a conversation, you can click on it to view the actual message. To allow this feature, go to Settings and enable "I want to be able to see the message body when I click a subject line."

NOTE: Our privacy policy still holds true - we never store the content of your e-mail on our servers except if you specifically request it. Only if you choose to view a particular message will we temporarily download it and show it to you. Your trust in Contactually is important to us.


Get your team or company on Contactually

Contactually was built to help you prioritize your relationships and stay top of mind with your important contacts. But what if you don't work alone? Recently we rolled out Contactually for Teams, giving you the ability to share contacts, collaborate on follow ups, and ensure that all the external relationships for you AND your company are strong. To get started, click on Settings then Team. Interested in learning more about how you can implement Contactually in your company? Watch a video or talk to one of our experts.