September 07, 2017

Power Tips for Making and Managing Relationships, with John Corcoran


Relationships and time are two things everybody has - and interestingly, time is what fuels relationships. If you’re going to make the most of your relationships, for you and for the people on the other side, you’ve got to learn effective skills for managing them. This episode is a great primer on the subject. For this episode, I got to chat with John Corcoran, a guy who’s risen to the top of the entrepreneurial community as a connector and relationship builder. He’s doing it right and I got to ask him some key questions for building relationships, how to manage them well, and what it takes to set aside the time to do it consistently. Does that sound like stuff you’d like to know? I thought so. Be sure to listen!

The universal language of connecting with people is adding value to them.

If you want to know how to truly connect with people in meaningful ways, you need to learn how to add value to them, and how to do it strategically. That means knowing how to notice what they need that you are able to provide, how to pick up on the things they value and would receive warmly, and how to wisely put those things to work in the way you build the relationship. You’re going to love this chat with John Corcoran. He shares some simple and not-so-obvious things like those about adding value. I know you’re going to find it to be helpful.

Many people understand the power of adding value, but few people practice it.

It takes time to build relationships. Right? There’s no getting around it. That fact is the primary reason most people don’t invest in relationships like they should. On this episode, John Corcoran shares how he’s come to view the importance of relationships and how he organizes and manages his relationships using software - but more importantly he tells how he’s been able to get his mind in the right place to enable himself to make the management of his relationships the priority he knows it needs to be. There is so much value in this conversation. I guess that means John practices what he preaches.

Tip for making connections: Find events geared around things you already enjoy.

Most of us know the discomfort of going to “networking” events where you put on a name tag, grab a drink, and stand around looking for somebody you know. Only those who are outrageously extroverted really enjoy that kind of thing. With this in mind, I asked my guest, John Corcoran how he suggests the rest of us go about making good connections. His tip was very simple: Don’t just go to networking events, strategically choose contexts or events to attend where you already have an interest or expertise. That will make the entire thing easier from the start and you’ll find yourself naturally connecting with people who are there for the same reasons.

If you want to grow your connections, you need to be making introductions.

Few people want to be known as a person who gives in order to get. But nevertheless, it’s true that when you give, others give back to you. John Corcoran points out that by making strategic introductions between people you know you’ll begin to receive introductions in return. He’s found that the degree of new introductions he’s receiving at any given time is almost directly correlated to the amount of introductions he’s making. It’s common sense but requires that we take action. You can hear more of John’s hard-learned but valuable tips on this episode.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:42] My introduction to John Corcoran: former speech writer, lawyer, and entrepreneur.
  • [2:30] Why John has moved to entrepreneurism instead of staying in the legal profession.
  • [4:47] How John learned to make connections and make the mental leap to his current role.
  • [7:04] Here’s how John decided WHO he wanted to reach out to and connect with.
  • [11:10] How John has built an event-based community and connection business.
  • [12:57] John’s most non-obvious but important tactic for building relationships.
  • [15:32] The process John uses to prioritize his relationships for follow up.
  • [20:04] John’s process for how he builds relationships.
  • [24:09] The best way to connect with John.

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