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What Are the Benefits of Contact Management?

First and foremost, real estate is a people person’s business. Without strong relationships, leads, and networks, you will not be able to succeed in the real estate industry. For this reason, having an comprehensive collection of all of your contacts is of the utmost importance. A powerful contact management system can save you time, help maintain relationships, and even boost your sales!

How To Write A Real Estate Blog People Want To Read

Real Estate Blogging – Making Your Mark If you do not have an online presence in today’s real estate market, you are not going to be as successful as you could be. As a real estate agent, having a blog is a big part of creating an online presence. But ...

Don’t Network, Make Connections with Joyce Layman

My guest on this episode of Real Relationships is Joyce Layman, a speaker, author, business coach, connector, and strategist. She is the author of two fabulous books, Just Another Leap, and Your Connecting Advantage. According to Bob Burg, she is the ‘greatest networker in the world.’ Joyce is on the ...

The Benefits of CRM for Real Estate Professionals

Few industries are as emblematic of our dynamic, sometimes chaotic marketplace as real estate. With minimal barriers to entry and the ever-present potential for earning power and flexibility, real estate firms of all shapes and sizes are in a constant battle for market share and customer base in a hypercompetitive ...

Reading About CRM? Here Are the Top CRM Books and Blogs.

The field of customer relationship management (CRM) is dynamic. Any business that wants to learn more about maximizing their client relationships needs to stay as up to date on new CRM developments by using as many reliable resources as possible. Books Customer Relationship Management: A Databased Approach, by V. Kumar ...

What Is CRM? How Will It Increase Your Sales?

Real estate, like many businesses, is absolutely an industry focused on relationships. Truth be told, a real estate agent is a matchmaker that introduces buyers to the perfect property for them, and sellers to people who need what they are selling. Of course, agents speak with literally hundreds of people ...

Generating Online Leads for the Real Estate Industry

3 Best Ways to Capture Leads Through Your Real Estate Landing Page Maintaining a website is work -- that's why your homepage is actually on your broker's site or elsewhere. But if the first page a client sees when searching your name or clicking a link on another site doesn't ...

How Can Real Estate Agents Become Top Producers?

How Can Real Estate Agents Become Top Producers? Most full-time professional real estate agents want to become top producers, but not all agents reach that goal. Becoming a top producer takes time, education and a lot of hard work. Agents must develop their skills, systems and tools to reach that ...

Learn How to Develop Genuine Client Relationships, with Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara has had such a diverse career. He is a great public speaker, a photographer, a philosopher, and a real estate professional. On this episode of Real Relationships, I chat with Matthew and learn how his varied interests have helped his career. Matthew also explains to me how building ...

How to Improve Your Client Relationships by Becoming a Likeable Expert, with Michael Katz

Join Michael Katz and I as we discuss how to form real relationships by becoming a likeable expert in your field. Michael is a likeable expert on marketing and has written four books on the subject.