October 20, 2016

Online Branding Success Over the Long Haul, with Jed Carlson

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Branding is still kind of a mystery to many people, and online branding is even more of an enigma. But when you get the chance to talk with someone who's an expert at it - like my guest today, Jed Carlson - everything becomes clear. I'm excited to share this chat with you because Jed is such a generous guy and gives so much incredible help about how to establish, grow, and sustain a branding machine that can drive your business over the long haul. If you listen to this episode and don't leave with something actionable, you'd be one of the few. Take a break in your day to listen to this one. You'll thank me for it.

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What IS branding and how can you do it effectively?

Branding is the process of infusing your company or personal name with meaning and emotional energy in a way that causes those who see you to know who you are, what you do, and what you stand for immediately when they see your name, picture, logo, or advertisement. In short: It's how people think of you. On this episode, Jed Carlson gives quite a few examples of how effective branding works to drive business over the long haul, motivates referrals from happy clients, and keeps you in the minds of your customers long after you've had your initial interaction with them. He's also going to share why it's more possible and affordable than ever for branding to be done online effectively.

How the internet makes it possible to do paid advertising affordably.

Paid advertising is one of the most powerful tools in any online branding arsenal. That's because with the tools available online anyone can get themselves positioned directly in front of their ideal, target audience repeatedly - and repetition is one of those tried and true marketing principles that can't be underestimated. The more you are able to get your brand message in front of those people, the more positive returns you're going to see. It's the simple way that marketing works over time. And it's more affordable because you are ONLY paying for those you're targeting, which is a smaller audience, to begin with. Join me for this chat with Jed Carlson, a guy who knows this stuff backwards and forward and eagerly shares what he's learned. It's on this episode of Real Relationships.

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The reason successful businesses never turn off their branding machine.

When Jed Carlson, my guest today chats with real estate agents who are consistently doing a large amount of business, he discovers one thing they all have in common: they never turn off their branding machine. They know the value of keeping their face, name, and brand in front of the people in their community, etc. It's that consistent presence that embeds their professionalism, skills, and benefits into the hearts and minds of those they are seeking to serve. Jed shares a few of the stories he's heard on this episode of the podcast so I encourage you to take the time to listen to how this stuff works in real life situations.

Why you need to preach to your own choir over and over.

Jed Carlson says that one of the things he consistently hammers into the minds of those he advises about branding - both online and offline - is that they need to build and sustain a habit of preaching to their own choir. That means keeping up the connections and interactions with satisfied and happy customers. That combines with the online branding machine you've got in place to reinforce the legitimacy of you as a professional and the quality of services you provide. When those people who have seen your face or brand repeatedly and need what you have to offer hear directly from one of your clients just how great you are, it's almost guaranteed that they will become customers too. You can learn how Jed Carlson blends those two tactics together for his own online branding machine on this episode.

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Outline of this great episode

    • [0:41] My introduction of Jed Carlson, founder of Adwerx and ReverbNation, my guest today.


    • [3:18] What made Jed focus purely on branding and awareness in a paid product.


    • [5:02] What's driving the interest in paid advertising online?


    • [6:48] How can a company afford to add Adwerx to their marketing budget?


    • [8:29] How do companies track the return they are getting on this kind of system?


    • [12:49] How the average real estate agent can use retargeting to up their marketing game.


    • [15:15] The biggest mistakes people make with online marketing.


    • [16:59] How Jed gets clients to focus on the long game when it comes to branding.


    • [21:27] Why successful branding fuels business long term.


    • [23:07] What does it mean to preach to your own choir and why is it important?


    • [26:03] How Jed learned to build great relationships: empathy and anticipation.


    • [30:00] The one business connection that has changed Jed's business and life.


    • [30:45] Jed's biggest "ask" right now.


    • [31:15] One key thing you should walk away with from this conversation.

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    • Connect with Jed at J(at)Adwerx.com

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