February 26, 2015

One Page Best Practices for Following Up [Cheat Sheet]


I'm always interested in how digital practices have shaped human interactions. With instant communications sent through text message to debates happening in 140-character debates, I'm fascinated comparing how we no longer have any barriers that we once had in the past.

Although the barriers have been torn down and digital conversations increase, individuals are wondering how to implement best practices in order to stay ahead in the game. Where do you best engage with someone? What channels can you use to communicate? Or how do you best follow up with your network?

We're at the forefront of this quick digital evolution and we understand that at the end of the day your relationships matter; especially, when it comes to keeping in touch with your network. When you are looking at your contact base, do you know how often you are communicating with them? Do you know when to follow up? And back to a previous question...do you know how to best follow up?

And to answer that last question, we created this one page cheat sheet on the best practices for follow up.

Here's what we'll answer on this cheat sheet on how to best send a follow up:

    • What is a "follow up?"

    • How should you follow up?

    • What are the channels you can follow up on?

    • What are the metrics you should track?

Download your copy of the FU Cheat Sheet below!