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January 09, 2012

New features to power your networking




Contactually helps you by prioritizing your contacts, but we also make it easy for you to keep in touch with certain types of contacts with Buckets. When you signed up, you selected a set of buckets based on who you are, and can easily add or remove the buckets you have. You can also choose how often we remind you to follow up with these certain contacts. So you can keep in touch with your Sales Leads every two weeks. Or your Past Clients every two months. Or In-Laws every 10 years. Your call on the last one. We also have two new features to make it even easier to manage your contacts - the Contact Manager and the Bucket Game. Which works for you?


We'll tell you when it's time to follow up with a contact, but what if you're not ready? Or you really, really don't care about following up with that contact? From the dashboard, you can postpone a follow-up for two weeks, or decide that you really don't need to keep in touch with that relationship.


We're all about making it easy for you to store as much information about your contacts as you want. So we made our interface easier and upgraded the ability to tell us more information about your contacts in our Daily Wrap e-mail. You can log into the dashboard and easily update your most recent contacts and set actions for yourself. You can also turn on Daily Wrap e-mails, and have us prompt you about your new relationships. You can respond via e-mail and tell us what you know, without ever leaving your inbox.


Smarter Prioritization - Part of our secret sauce is helping you determine who you should reach out to each day. We're always improving our recommendations, including getting rid of e-mail communications with business tools, customer service, and coworkers. We're sticking by our mission of helping you follow up with the right person at the right time. Let us know how we're doing?

More Integrations - We currently work with Salesforce and Highrise. But there are many more CRMs and other services you want us to work with. Whether it's SugarCRM, BatchBook, or even services like Mailchimp. Your e-mail is where professional conversations happen, and we want to be the glue. What would you like us to work with?

Outlook/Exchange Support - This is so highly in demand, it's a no-brainer. We work with Google Apps, GMail, and any IMAP web server, but your company uses Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. We'll be ready for your work accounts in the next six weeks. Let us know if you use Exchange!

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