September 15, 2015

Assign Tasks Across the Team with Contactually


Coordinate your team efforts with Contactually.

One of the biggest challenges about working as a team is functioning as a single unit. Team members wear multiple hats and tend to fulfill many duties, so it can quickly become difficult to stay on the same page. It can take years to build chemistry and the right culture for a team, and it can all be lost if a key player leaves the organization.

No matter the team size, you'll need to find a way to coordinate efforts and ensure the team's efficiently executing on their projects.

Imagine staying synchronized and transparent about responsibilities with all of your moving parts in harmony. With our new Task Assignment feature, you can do just that -- without ever having to leave Contactually.

Creating Tasks

You've probably set a few Tasks for yourself in Contactually and found it simple enough to do. Based on user feedback, we kept the same style you're used to but added a new touch. When creating a new Task, Contactually will default to assigning the task to the creator. Simply click the drop down and choose who you'd like to assign the task to.

Task Assignment Notifications

As soon as a new task is created and delegated, the assignee will instantly be notified within the app. Any confusion or mistaking who is doing what will no longer be an issue. Assigning Tasks will give team members clear direction of what to do with certain relationships in the contact database.

Stay Coordinated

Communication is key within any team dynamic and Task Assignments help keep everyone in the loop. Prevent overlap and over communication with your high potential prospects and leads. All team members can view tasks within contact profiles to see who is communicating with that relationship. Team members will never have to guess who needs to contact whom again.

Work seamlessly with your team, try out our Task Assignment feature --

Not only can you assign tasks, you can also assign contacts. Contactually is built to help you work...the way you work. We'd love to hear back from you, so we can evolve Contactually to better fit your needs.