April 10, 2017

New Content Library and BONUS Spring Email Templates


Last month, Contactually launched new tools for teams, including lead routing. This month we're excited to announce new content library features.

You may know that Contactually has curated hundreds of market-proven email templates and best practice workflows and that these are available for download by anyone. Simply visit the library, add content to your account, and modify it as desired.

But wait, there's more! Are you a team admin? Your team library allows you to easily share content and work flows with your entire team. Save team members the administrative hassle of creating content from scratch while ensuring consistent communication and facilitating best practices.

Add email templates into your outreach strategy:

We all probably know how to implement email templates for our individual use but sharing them across your entire team or even company can be a different story. We're breaking down the process and even why you might want to share your templates with the rest of your team. Check it out below and celebrate Spring and send one of our seasonal email templates to your network!

Enhance the way you manage

    • No longer worry about unnecessarily cluttering the accounts of team members who don't need content. Selectively push content to a specific group of team members.

    • Escape the time suck of unnecessary administrative work. Easily update previously pushed content to ensure your team has the most relevant messaging for the season or market.

    • Build and share replicable best practices throughout your team, and develop more top performing agents.

Build a trusted brand

    • Standardize the email templates your team sends out. Ensure voice and messaging consistency across your team.

    • Identify the most effective practices for lead follow up and client care and use buckets, programs, and pipelines to cement them.

Standardize your team's process

    • Systematize winning strategies and populate team members' accounts with the frameworks and templates you know produce results.

    • Preset new accounts with buckets, email templates, programs, and pipelines and get new team members up to speed faster.

Finally, we're excited to offer seasonal email templates that will be updated regularly to reflect upcoming times of year. Know you need to follow up but unsure of what to say? A seasonal template will do the trick! There's always a good excuse to start a conversation!

Click below to watch exactly how to use templates today:

Just open your Contactually email template library and click the category for Seasonal or....

Download a few of our newest templates for spring!