July 11, 2017

Contactually's Brand New Android Application


Remember when Apple came out with the original iMac in '98? Desktop computers were all the rage with their rounded edges and brightly colored backs. A laptop? Too heavy to carry around! A smartphone? Not even a word in most people's vocabulary.

Now we can't imagine a life without our phones in our pockets and available at all times.

We've recognized not only how important mobile is in your daily lives, but also to the core of your business. We're introducing a completely redesigned Android application, rebuilt from the ground up to ensure that the powerful experience you've become used to with Contactually can extend well beyond your computer - right to your pocket.

Stability and performance on par with the best

Today's fast-paced world has no time for technical downfalls or setbacks. When you're counting on your apps to maintain and track every detail of your business, you can't afford to lose precious minutes due to system downtime. To ensure stability and performance, we've utilized React Native, the same technology employed by the likes of Instagram and Facebook to support their tens of millions of users. Not only does React Native maintain the stability and performance you've come to expect with Contactually, but it will also allow us to grow and support our customers at faster rates going forward.

Easily interact in ways that come naturally

The most heated debate in the mobile world is between iOS and Android, but there really isn't a clear winner. The key takeaway is that they're both unique in their own way. Contactually's Android 3.0 is built for true Android users, allowing them to interact in ways they've become accustomed to. Easily swipe through daily tasks and follow-ups in order to accomplish your goals for the day and impact your network while on the go.

Never manually log calls or texts again

As if it couldn't get any better ... We're dialing into the true power of Android's open source platform and eliminating all admin work from your end. We'll automatically sync your phone contacts and track all your texts, calls, and emails. Effortlessly build your database and make follow-ups, knowing Contactually's working as your virtual assistant on the backend. All your relationship-building efforts will seamlessly log in Contactually, creating a centralized hub of business productivity.

Engage with recipients in the moment

Recently you were introduced to email open notifications, a powerful feature which notifies you as soon as your email was opened. Now with the new Android app, extend that to your mobile phone. Sent a Follow Up from your Dashboard? Get prompted on your Android mobile device as soon as it's opened, and make a call to discuss the details with your contact.

We're making heavy investments in building a better Contactually suite for you and your business. If you want to be ahead of the curve and provide the feedback that's helping shape our product, email feedback@contactually.com.


Check out our new Android 3.0 in the Google Play Store.