May 30, 2012


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"But within days, those few friends, and friends of friends, turned into dozens of new contacts and connections spanning much of North America.

That's when I realized, networking is amazing. It's crucial. And it's something I should always be doing."

Lizzie McGlinchey's fantastic post shares five things she learned from her networking "aha!" moment, of which include "following is not natural or talent based," "follow through and organization are key," and "write it down."

Over the years, I've learned from my own networking experiences that being good at it is both easy and hard. Easy in that once the ball is rolling, the contacts will multiply, but difficult in that the initial push seems like a mountain to clime. But however intimidating as it seems, it is not. As Lizzie writes, "Networking can instantly become a lot less scary when you realize that people generally want to help other people." It's true!

Check out the full article here.