January 29, 2015

Naughty By Nurture: Everything You Need To Know About Nurture Campaigns


Are you nurturing your contacts to increase your ROI?

Mapping out the wonderful marketing and sales funnels, show a pretty straight flow. Sometimes leads come through to the top of the funnel passed off to sales, and then they close as customers. However, what really happens in real life is something not as streamlined. Leads will come in, some will get taken up, some will stop responding to reps, and probably an even smaller some will close as customers. So, what happens to the original leads at the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and the prospects who didn't close?

Enter the nurture campaign...

Nurture campaigns, how can we explain it?

A nurture campaign is a series of messages set in a clear internal structure in order to send out to a set of contacts in order to get them to achieve some type of goal. Usually a nurture campaign is used for contacts who haven't converted as marketing qualified leads or as customers and it's used to continuously provide value to get them to convert.

Where do you start?

Well, that's where our eBook comes in answering all of your questions on creating your own nurture campaigns to figuring out what metrics you need to measure.

Here are the questions we'll answer inside of this eBook:

    • What things should you keep in mind while structuring your nurture campaigns?

    • How do you structure a nurture campaign?

    • What are the kinds of content you should consider putting into your emails?

    • What are the metrics you should keep track of?

    • Are there any tools you can use to perform these nurture campaigns?

Want the answers? Download your copy below