April 10, 2015

Helping Customers Succeed: My Two Years At Contactually


Hey Contactually Blog world! My name is Susan and I'm a Customer Success Manager here at Contactually. I recently celebrated my two year anniversary with Contactually, making me officially one of the oldest employees of the company -- oh boy! Being such a wise sage at a fast-paced startup, I've decided to sum up my 2 years in 5 quick points that I've learned over the course of my time at Contactually.


Let's begin with the obvious...

The office is FUN

This is a fact. We have a fridge full of beer and drinks. Plus we get free lunch once a week and have a plethora of free snacks. Not to mention the various parties we have.

The office is a place I actually look forward to coming to. I prefer to not work at home and always manage to make it to the office (as do most of the other employees) during inclement weather days. Feel free to stop by for a beer if you're in the Washington, DC area!

Things are always changing

My goodness gracious, each day is literally different than the next. While I've only been at Contactually for two years it feels like two lifetimes! That feeling is probably because we've grown and changed so much through the past 24 months that it seems like decades have gone by.

The ability to be flexible and go with the flow is an absolute must when working at a startup. Since I've worked with Contactually, we've grown from a company that was six people crammed into a bedroom, to a company of 40 employees that occupy an entire floor of a building. We've been through three offices and will eventually have to expand our current office. I imagine that's what a parent feels like as their child graduates high school and thinks to themselves "Where has the time gone?!"

Additionally, I've been given the opportunity to try out different roles and verticals within the company. Like most people, I didn't really have an idea of where I wanted my career to go so trying out different jobs was a great way to explore that. I went from sales, to customer success, to dabbling in a little website/content writing, and back to customer success.

This same philosophy goes for everyone in the company. If you want to try something new, you can.

Working both sides of the brain

It's not uncommon to go with the philosophy of "try it and see what happens". You try something once and if it doesn't work you may need a completely different approach. The ability to open up my mind and become creative has been one of the coolest aspects of working at Contactually. I actually feel my brain working! It's also super stimulating to let your mind wander and think how can I improve a situation.

The beauty of this situations is that anything is possible. If you think up a great solution, feature, process, theme party, it can be put into motion and become a reality. I am amazed each time I tell the developers about a feature and then it later becomes reality. Just awesome.

Making things happen

Nike says it best with their logo of "Just Do It". How many times have we all thought "Oh, I should totally do that. I'll get to it later". That thought no longer is in my brain -- I simply do it.

Whether it's personal or professional, if something is that important to me, I will do it. It's through the success (and failures) of these 'just do it' moments that make me realize more and more how easy it is to be successful when you just start. So whatever you've been putting off -- just do it NOW.

Last, but not least

Most importantly, I've found what I'm good at.

I know many others are struggling to figure out what they want to do or what path they want to take in life. I'm lucky enough to say that through Contactually I've found where I belong. I belong talking to people. I belong helping people. I belong serving as the customer advocate. Had I not had all the opportunities to try out different aspects of a business could I come to this conclusion and be secure in my understanding of my talents.

Here's to another two decades at Contactually!