August 20, 2012

Moving from Gist

Unfortunately, Gist is shutting down in September, and if you're a current user looking for a replacement, Contactually may be a good alternative (Gist thinks so!).

If you weren't already familiar with Contactually, the guys at Gist sum it up pretty nicely:
Contactually is a personal assistant for your important contacts. We connect your email and social media accounts to our system, analyze your history with each relationship, and automatically prompt you (via a daily email reminder) to reengage with important people that are slipping off your radar. We can also sync all that aggregated contact info with other systems, like CRMs and campaign management software.

Contactually works with any Exchange or IMAP accounts (including Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, and others), any client (like Outlook and Apple Mail), and integrates with Salesforce, Highrise, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, and MailChimp. More integrations are on the way soon.

So how would you move your information to us?

  1. In your Gist account, head to Settings > Account settings and click on "Export data."

  2. Choose to export your contacts as a .csv file (Outlook).

  3. If you haven't yet created a Contactually account, do so now. And if you have one, login to your account and head to Contacts (

  4. Select "Import Contacts" and choose the file .csv file you downloaded from Gist.

  5. Enjoy using Contactually.

If you have any more questions, you can get a hold of us through the chat widget found on the bottom-right of our website, or reach out to us on Twitter.