December 18, 2018

Mark's Story


Welcome to Contactually's Story series! This is where Contactually's clients tell you what Contactually looks from their point of view. They share their challenges, triumphs, and top tips and tricks. We're proud to feature Mark Hughes, President at Nook Real Estate. Enjoy!

What are you proudest of from last year?

I’m particularly proud of the agents who have joined Nook.  We’re a startup -- we’ve been at it for a little over a year -- and we purposefully sought out agents who just get the new dynamics of how to be successful in real estate.  We’ve been able to set ourselves apart by being very efficient, and leveraging digital and mobile in new ways. I’m proud that our vision has really resonated with agents -- and it’s working.

Why did you need Contactually?

89% of past homebuyers say they’ll use their agent again, yet only 12% do.  It was obvious to us that lack of follow up was the biggest hurdle preventing agents from getting repeat and referral business.  A CRM shouldn’t just be about collecting data; it’s about acting on your database. Contactually enables agents to be able to easily follow up with their contact database, in an authentic and consistent way.   In reality, Contactually is as much a learning tool as an execution tool. It coaches you on how to build good habits around following up with your network.

What were your results with Contactually?

We have 35 agents between here and Florida, and we’ve only been using Contactually at Nook for a year.  That said, we’ve seen a huge shift in their mindset around follow up. Today, most of our agents are super consistent with getting their Contactually reminders every day, and regularly following up with their sphere.

Any tips or tricks for using Contactually?

Integrating Contactually with MailChimp has been key.  Specifically, we coach our agents to just go in and regularly bucket their past clients and new leads.  We integrated those buckets with MailChimp lists; twice per month, we automatically send out a roundup of our best blog posts to those contacts.  The agents get value from doing very little extra effort. From there, we coach them to start following up in a more personalized way with those same people they’ve bucketed.  The mix of automated and personalized nurturing has been a great way to build good habits for our agents.