March 19, 2012

Managing Gen-Y employees

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Twentysomehing-year-olds, or, as they are more commonly known, Millenials, are everyday becoming more prevalent in today's corporate world. The chances of a business owner coming across a Gen-Y job applicant are quite high. But after hiring one, how do you keep that person around for the long haul? Well, Dan Schawbel of Millenial Branding has four tips on how to do so:

1) Make your new hire feel like they're making a difference. Having ability to make their own decision or share their thoughts can go a long way to making Millenials feel important.

"Create an environment where they are comfortable with and encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions. Even if those opinions aren't acted on, the sense that their contribution is valued will make them more productive for your company."

2) Build co-woker loyalty over brand loyalty. Doing so will keep employees, particularly Millenials, around for longer.

3) Along those same lines, give your new employee a clear-cut path with your company. There's nothing like knowing where you're headed as motivation to stay at a company.

4) Be prepared to do things differently. Let's face it: Millenials do have a different way to do things, but they get stuff done. Not being constrained to, say, a 9-to-5 schedule may be enough give up for increased productivity.

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